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By Calliaqua Residents 

The residents of Calliaqua, while welcoming the attempt to improve roads in the town, are not at all happy with what is happening around them with regards to the construction of drains and other related infrastructure. 

Finance Minister and Parliamentary Representative Camillo Gonsalves announced in the Budget Address in January that the 2024 budget is an East St. George budget, with some EC$2.5 million allocated to repair roads and drains in Calliaqua. 

Contract work started without any consultation with the residents, leaving persons to wonder what is the next move. Drains excavated since December have been left open, resulting mosquitoes breeding in them.

What is even worse is that most residents will be left with our houses below the new level of the roads and drains, with most, if not all, having to now step down onto their properties, unlike what is the case now.

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Residents are scared to their wits end as the properties are likely to become like holding tanks to water and mud as Calliaqua is flood prone. 

Residents are calling on the Ministry of Works, BRAGSA and Gonsalves to revisit the project before things get worse. Have consultations with the residents, albeit belatedly and ease the tension in Calliaqua.

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