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Fire in roseau
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A police vehicle that was used as a Christmas decoration prop at the Children’s Playground in Roseau, Sion Hill burned on Thursday, reportedly after a child set it afire.

The fire started around midday and the residents of the area said it took some time for them to get a response when they telephoned the police.

The police vehicle had been at the garage in Arnos Vale for some time before it was towed to the children’s playground at lower Roseau where it was used as part of the Christmas light up competition.

After the results of the competition were announced, the lights and other decorations were removed but the vehicle was left there.

Children of different ages had been observed opening the doors of the vehicle and going inside to play on a daily basis.

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After the fire, police questioned a number of people in the area, and one person told iWitness News that they heard a child denying them claiming responsibility for the fire.

The child, who is said to be around 14 or 15 years old, left the scene with the police officers.

He had reportedly been suspended from school and therefore was not in class on Thursday when the fire occurred.