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The defendant, Edwin Baptiste in an undated photo.
The defendant, Edwin Baptiste in an undated photo.

A 37-year-old labourer  accused of stealing a battery from BRAGSA was on Monday ordered to undergo two weeks of mental assessment at the Mental Health Rehabilitation Centre. 

Edwin Baptiste, of Orange Hill, appeared before Magistrate Kaywana Jacobs at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court and pleaded guilty to a charge that on April 10, at Rabacca, he stole one Power King m31-DC 105 amp marine battery valued at EC$790, the property of BRAGSA .

BRAGSA is a state owned company responsible for the maintenance of public infrastructure and other general services.

Baptiste, who appeared to be fidgeting with his clothing during his court appearance, said that he saw the battery one evening when he went to change his clothes and he took it.

He said the following morning he didn’t show up for work and “they” came looking for me.

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Prosecutor, Corporal of Police Delando Charles  told the court that checks revealed that the defendant was never a patient at the Mental Health Rehabilitation Centre but may have suffered some mental breakdown.

The prosecutor asked the court to make its own analysis to determine the competence of the defendant.

Baptiste told the magistrate he has had nervous breakdowns “now and again” since his girlfriend of 16 years left him.

He said he doesn’t drink a lot and when asked if he has ever seen a doctor, Baptiste responded “nah really”.

The magistrate said that it did not appear that Baptiste has the faculties at the moment and explained that she did not want to accept the guilty plea unless she could prove that he was fit to answer the charge.

She adjourned the matter to May 6.