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Bequia Tech are the champions of the 2011 Bequia Basketball Tournament.

Under-16 Division

First Round:

1st place: Young Wizards

2nd place: Hornets

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Most Points: Jermaine John (Young Wizards), with 26 points in 4 games

Most rebounds: Lennox Ince (Hornets), 29 in 4 games

Most Steals: Kaicy Peniston (Hornets), 37 in 4 games

Most Assists: Marshroy Dublin (Young Wizards) -4 in 4 games

Most Blocks: Rivaldo Gordon (Titans), 5 in 4 games


Team MVPs:

Hawks: Tashroy McIntosh, 8.5 total average

Rockets: Selicia Hazell, 9.75 total average

Titans: Sydian Warner, 13.5 total average

Young Wizards: Marshroy Dublin, 16.25 total average

Hornets: Kaicy Peniston, 16.5 total average


Under-16 Division MVP 2011: Kaicy Peniston

(18 points, 8 rebounds, 2 assists, 37 steals, and 1 block in 6 games)


Final Round: Best Of Three Finals

2nd Place In Finals: Rockets

MVP of Series: Sydian Warner

Winning Coach of U16 Division: Rex Pollard

2011 Champions: Titans


Most enthusiastic young rookies:

Blossom Hazell and Eltino “Simple” Bynoe


Second Division:

First Round:

1st place: Wizards

2nd place: Rising Stars II


Most Points: Orando Blugh (Wizards), 111 points in 6 games

Most rebounds: Orando Blugh (Wizards), 78 in 6 games

Most Steals: Mark Browne (Young Blazers), 27 in 6 games

Most Assists: Ashboure Phillips (Wizards), 20 in 6 games

Most Blocks: Orando Blugh (Wizards), 24 in 6 games

Most Improved Player From 2010 to 2011: Xavaghn Dennie


Team MVPs:

Young Blazers: Jason Ollivierre, 20.82 total average

Young Duke: Jeffersn Goodluck, 22.31 total average

Rising Stars 2: Anthony Ellis, 30.5 total average

Wizards: Orando Blugh, 40.5 total average

Overall 2nd Division MVP 2011: Orando Blugh

(111 points, 78 rebounds, 12 assists, 18 steals, and 24 blocks in 6 games)


Second Round: Best Of Three Finals

2nd Place In Final Series: Wizards

MVP Of Series: Toryann Tannis

Winning Coach of Second Division: Coach Franella Quashie

Champions 2011: Young Blazers


First Division: First Round

1st place: Bequia Tech Rising Stars

2nd place: East Blazers


Most Points: Jonas King (Duke), 139 in 8 games

Most rebounds: Jonas King (Duke), 119 in 8 games

Most Steals: Keon McFee (East Blazers), 28 in 8 games

Most Assists: Colin Blugh (Gladiatorz), 25 in 8 games

Most Blocks: Cregg Friday (Bequiatech Rising Stars), 17 in 8 games

Most Improved Player From 2010 to 2011: Kirstin Lampkin


Team MVP’s:

Warriaz: Keon Skinner, 17.25 total average

East Blazers: Kendall Cumberbatch, 20.87 total average

Gladiatorz: Cosmus Hackshaw, 21.87 total average

Bequia Tech Rising Stars: Craiglee Sam, 22.625 total average

Duke: Jonas King, 35.49 total average

Overall 1st Division MVP 2011: Jonas King

(139 points, 119 rebounds, 6 assists, 12 steals, and 8 blocks in 8 games)


Final Round: Best Of Three Finals

2nd Place Of Final Series: Duke

MVP Of Series: Kirstin Lampkin

Winning Coach of First Division: Orson Delpeche

2011Champions: Bequia Tech Rising Stars


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