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Teh Unity Labour Party will be reconnecting with its supporters over the next few months (Photo: Facebook)

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent – Eight months are scraping home to a third straight term in office, the Unity Labour Party (ULP) says that it is time to reconnects with voters.

The ULP will continue to be active “… bringing the message to you, bringing the successes and the problems and the concerns and the cares of the Unity Labour Party and the Unity Labour Party government and explain to you the challenges that we are facing in these harsh economic times, which, in most cases, are created by outside sources,” Sen. Julian Francis, general secretary of the ULP said on Tuesday.

He said that because of these realities, the party continue to perform, but is “not delivering maximum as we expect in certain areas but [is] still touch on all subject areas.”

“And we continue to say that all the time. So, we bring those facts to you and present how we go about tackling the challenges that are facing us,” he explained.

Francis said the ULP would hold at least two public meetings each month until the end of the year.

The first meeting was held in Barrouallie on Sunday and another scheduled for Sandy Bay on Sept. 25th and Francis said, “The idea being that we will bring the party to you.

“It’s been eight months after the election and you need to see us back on the road. We need to touch flesh and see each other eye to eye and talk face to face,” he said as he explained that meeting would first be held in the eight constituencies that the party won.

“So we will have them there face to face with you and give them that challenge to continue to go out to you and to meet with you on a regular basis,” he said.

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