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NDP Vice-President St. Clair Leacock had lauded the performance of opposition senators Vynnette Frederick, left, and Anesia Baptiste (File montage).

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent – While the opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) in the December 2010 election increased by four its seats in Parliament, there are some constituencies the party will never win unless it forms the government, according to party Vice-President St. Clair Leacock.

And Leacock, who won Central Kingstown for the NDP in 2010 when the party moved from three to seven parliamentary seats, said last week the NDP needs “set up shop” in East and West St. Georges, North Windward, and Central Leeward.

But according to Leacock, not only does the NDP need to “set up shop” in Central Leeward, it needs a new candidate there, where Norrell Hull has lost three consecutive times.

“People want to hesitate to say that because they are a leader,” said Leacock, described Hull as “a wonderful person”.

“People would say that I am loud-mouthed but what do you want me to do? You think staying in opposition is fun?” he further stated.

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Leacock said that while the NDP also needs to set up shop in North Windward, “the work will be too much for any new and incumbent person”.

“All party leaders need to be seen more in these areas,” Leacock said of the four constituencies.

“I’ll put it to you, there are some seats the NDP would never win until we form government because of the nature of our passionate system and the way people will come out,” Leacock said without identifying the seats.

He was pleased with opposition senators Vynnette Frederick, who lost in West St. George in 2010, and Anesia Baptiste, who will take over from Frederick as the candidate in that constituency.

“Look at the quality of work Senator Baptiste is doing. Look at the quality of the work that Senator Frederick is doing in the Parliament. Everybody is not good at representative politics. Maybe that is not her forte,” he said as he praised Frederick’s work with the Vincy Classroom website, an NDP initiative.

“Any organisation that wants to renew itself … needs to have young people bringing strength and energy,” Leacock said.

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