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Ambassador Camillo Gonsalves (U.N. photo).

NEW YORK, USA – The Ambassador of St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) to the United Nations, Camillo Gonsalves has said that his country will be seeking redress after he was arrested and handcuffed by a New York Police officer on Wednesday.

Gonsalves did not respond immediately to an I-Witness New request for comment late Wednesday night.

However, international media quoted the diplomat, son of SVG’s Prime Minster Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, as saying “We will be following up.”

“We will seek other forms of redress, but what form it will take, I can’t say,” Gonsalves further said, according to the reports.

Gonsalves said he was arrested although there was nothing new about what he did in trying to access his office on Wednesday, as he has done for the past five years.

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“There’s never been an incident before,” he is reported as having told the Associated Press, explaining that the building where his country’s U.N. mission is located has extra security because Israel’s U.N. Mission is located there.

Reports say that the cop placed Gonsalves, who has diplomatic immunity, in handcuffed for alleged disorderly conduct after he walked through a barricade to get into his office building.

According to reports, Gonsalves, was returning to his office after lunch and stepped out of his official car, through a barricade in front of the building.

He was confronted by a police officer who asked “What do you think the barricades are there for?”

Gonsalves told the Associated Press that as he was walking towards the elevator, the cop ran into the building, “grabbed me by my neck and shoulders, spun me around and said, ‘Didn’t you see me talking to you?”‘

“You couldn’t have been talking to me,” Gonsalves said in reply to the cop, according to the reports.

The officer then asked for identification and when Gonsalves asked if he as under arrest, the officer replied: “Well you are now,” Gonsalves is reported as having told the Associated Press.

“At that point he handcuffed me, with assistance from other officers he called as a backup,” Gonsalves said, adding that other ambassadors told the cop that he was wrong to place Gonsalves under arrest, since, as an ambassador, he has diplomatic immunity.

“The officer, for the first time, inquired who I was,” Gonsalves said. “I told him. He called for his superiors. The U.S. State Department, as host country, was also called and they sent representatives.”

Gonsalves said that the NYDP’s initial position was that he was “disorderly, and something should be done because of my disorderly conduct”.

However, after talks with the State Department representatives, and the other diplomats, “the NYPD were persuaded to release the handcuffs, and I’m back in my office now,” Gonsalves said of the 20-minute ordeal.

“Separate and apart from any diplomatic immunities, I personally think the officer was wrong and committed an assault against me,” he said. “We will be following up,” Gonsalves said. “We will seek other forms of redress, but what form it will take, I can’t say,” Gonsalves further said even as he described the other officers who subsequently came to the scene as “very professional and very courteous”.

He further described State Department officials from the U.S. Mission to the United Nations as “exemplary”.

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26 replies on “Ambassador Gonsalves briefly arrested in New York”

  1. See the chip off the old block has an attitude problem, look at me I am an Ambassador, untouchable, you couldn’t of been talking to me be cause my poo doesn’t smell, the same arrogance shown by his father, the Marxist magnificent peacock, the king of the Unity Liars Party.

    Perhaps the Gonsalves boy should take extra care with his security, there are some strange cuckoo birds in the US, making a spectacle of yourself brings you to the attention of every nutter in New York.

    Remember Gonsalves boy, these are not your Vincentian slave police.

    Just be a good boy and keep your head down and stop embarrassing the Vincentian people with your out of order behaviour.

    Like his father he oozes charisma, like his father he has dreams of grandeur bordering on extreme stupidity.

    Boy if you want to be a diplomat, act like one. Stop being a pratt of the first order.

  2. PETER/PAPER, you’re an EMBARRASSMENT to St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

    As a NATIONAL of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, your post is a DISGRACE of the HIGHEST ORDER.

    Show some NATIONAL PRIDE…show some NATIONAL SOLIDARITY in a TIME when it is NEEDED…show some CLASS…SHOW some POSITIVITY.

    Again, you’re an EMBARRASSMENT to St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

    1. Kindly read vincy to the heart’s comment below. You need a head and heart make over, vincypowa..

    2. An over zealous cop and an ambassador who, by his own account, could have identified himself and asserted diplomatic immunity the moment the officer invaded his personal space, this, perhaps, defusing the situation early enough. And let’s admit it: stereotypes of what Arabs and Muslims look like could have subjected Camillo to a bit of racial profiling.

      1. You’re right, and reaching for his ID could have cost him his life, especially in the face of an over zealous cop. Cops can be cocky at times I have seen many things with my own two eyes and the possibilities are he could have ended up dead had he reach for an ID. Being black, straight nose, curly black hair minus a beard to some stupid people of this world fits the bill of one who is a terrorist. When are we going to stop this kind of nonsense. With such kind of profiling in this day and age, as an ordinary citizen of a small developing country, I dread traveling to certain parts even of the ‘first world’. I fear that as a black person I may be captured and enslaved because to some I some I fit the slavish profile. Or to be locked up because I sport a locked hairstyle and to some custom officer it is likely I have ‘smoke in my bag’ because the notion is that locked hair people sit under coconut tree bear the beach in certain country and smoke marijuana (speaking from experience). It is sad! Sad indeed! For all I care, even if the young Ambassador looked like a ‘boasty’ black man, and is the son of another ‘boasty’ black man he is still an Ambassador to the Permanent Missions of the United Nations and aught to be be treated as such under the UN Convention. The United States has obligations under Article 29 of the 1941 Convention, and it must ensure agents of its state abide by those international obligations. Where there is departure from such obligations, the US like any other countries should be made to pay. Why should the powerful render us all powerless? Shame, shame on you!

  3. Vincy 2 D Heart says:

    It is quoted that “Gonsalves was returning to his office after lunch and stepped out of his official car, through a barricade in front of the building.”
    Stepping out of an official vehicle does not permit any one the right to go through a barricade; it is breaking the law similar to walking through a red light. The Police was there to ensure that the law is adhere to and was just doing his job when he got the attention of Mr. Gonsalves on the matter. Ignoring the Police was disrespectful and silent arrogance on the part of the Diplomat.
    He also exhibited the same behavior by not providing his identification when he was asked at the beginning.

    Being a Diplomat does not give any one the right to do what ever he or she pleases; furthermore they should lead by example.

  4. VINCY 2 D HEART, I look at your ALIAS and I just SHAKE my HEAD after I READ your POST.

    That said; I GUARANTEE U that the POLICE OFFICER who HANDCUFFED and ABUSED the AMBASSADOR of the SOVEREIGN NATION of St. Vincent and the Grenadines to the UNITED NATIONS, Camillo Gonsalves, will be dealt with by his superiors.


    By the way, allow me to give you the full quote, which Kenton Chance did not put in his article.

    “Ambassador Camillo Gonsalves told The Associated Press that he was returning to his office after lunch and stepped out of his official car, through a barricade in front of the building — as he has done for the past five years — when he was confronted by an officer who shouted: “What do you think the barricades are there for?”

    I will leave it at that for now.

  5. He should be recalled and fired, he’s not fit to hold the position of Ambassador.

    And as for you VINCYPOWA, your not fit to hold the position of Human Being, you support this kind of scum behaviour wherever its found, which makes you worse than the original scum bag.

  6. I am not a vincentian, and I am also not an american, but I live in the US now. And as much as I’d like to jump on this “blame the victim” band wagon I have to say just a few things that as West Indians we probably don’t understand about diplomacy, the US and their Police Force.

    First of all, saying the car is “official” means it has diplomat plates. All diplomat cars have diplomat plates. They are a different colour to those of ordinary cars so they are easily identifiable. WHY?? This is because ALL countries have agreed among themselves that diplomats have what is called “diplomatic immunity”. All diplomats for all countries everywhere in the world have this “diplomatic immunity”. This means that they are not subject to prosecution. For this and other reasons, they ensure that their cars are also easily identifiable. I can go further into what diplomatic immunity means and what it entails but I’m sure you guys can google it. Now, let’s consider the specific facts of this case.

    This building, which can be attested to by anyone who has been to any of the many UN embassies housed there, ALWAYS has barricades on the sidewalk on one side of the building. And Police are always standing there. The mere fact that the Ambassador has passed through the barricades several times in the past 5 years will suggest that there is nothing “disorderly” about doing that. I myself have passed there and I’m not a diplomat nor have I ever been arrested. The place being referred to is a sidewalk. So, to begin with, I don’t think this act would amount to disorderly conduct. Nevertheless, this officer was not new. He is aware that there are several other UN embassies in this building. So when the Ambassador stepped out of the official car and walked into this building he would have realised that the odds are strongly in favour of this man being a diplomat. Further when he was told that the Ambassador was in fact a diplomat he still kept him cuffed/detained. This means that he was blatantly disregarding the customary law of “diplomatic immunity”… why?? The Ambassador is not white and he’s not from a wealthy oil producing country…he’s from the Caribbean.

    Let’s get even more specific: The statement, “you couldn’t have been talking to me” is exactly what I would have said had an officer used expletives when addressing me – which is what happened in this case. It is not reported but that is what happened. So that actually wasn’t an arrogant or unreasonable statement for the Ambassador to have made. Even if he were not an Ambassador, this is not the manner in which a police officer should be speaking to ANY pedestrian!!

    So please people, I know that SVG must be like all the other Caribbean islands when it comes to politics with parties waiting to point fingers at the other irrespective of facts, but in this case, I would like to recommend to Vincentians that you look at the whole picture. Mr. Gonsalves has taken the fall this time for all black people, and all CARICOM diplomats. This incident is uncovering something a lot more serious than partisan politics. Black diplomats are being disrespected and attacked by police officers in their very own embassies! Diplomats that step out of official cars, diplomats dressed in suits… but wearing darker skin. The picture is so much bigger than our regional politics or even your local politics. Don’t let them divide and conquer us again. Inform yourself. If you don’t want to take a stance for your country then don’t, but if you’re going to form your opinion only after having closed one eye, then perhaps your opinion is not worth sharing, or defending.

    Treating a diplomat of SVG or any other CARICOM or developing country or ANY country for that matter in the manner that Mr. Gonsalves was treated is an International disgrace! It is an affront to our Nations’ sovereignty.

    So, please, I invite all of you to google things like “diplomatic immunity”, “Identifying yourself to police officers”, “black people required to carry ID”, and any number of the other issues that are at play here. Inform yourselves. I would hate for you guys to continue to take a purely SVG political stance on this and miss the much much bigger picture. Should the little boy in florida have been taking the trash out at a different time? Should black people do whatever police officers tell them to do so that they don’t get arrested? Should diplomats of SVG, Guyana, B’dos, Egypt, Ethiopia, Trinidad be treated with less respect that those of Israel, or Canada, or Australia?

    The world is so much bigger than SVG politics and there are so many issues greater than what we deal with in the Caribbean from day to day… inform yourself.

  7. MYNAME, for someone who isn’t a Vincentian and not an American, you certainly have a lot to say about something that is little of your business. You just don’t know what we have had to put up with from this family. So I assume you are unaware of the players personalities or behaviour.

    Of course diplomats have certain immunities and that is rightly so. They must make any police officer aware at the first possible instance that they are a diplomat with diplomatic immunities. Police officers are not mind readers or clairvoyants. Most diplomats act in a diplomatic way with dignity and quiet reserve. Infant Gonsalves behaved in a way unbecoming of a diplomatic representative of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. He failed to prove to the officer that he was a diplomat at the first possible instance, and displayed gross rudeness and arrogance.

    The Vincentian people would applaud him if he was honest and put his hands up and simply admit that he made a mistake. It takes a man of courage to do that, it takes a coward to blame others.

    Cowardice is a Gonsalves family trait, so I do not expect much else than to blame the police officer.

    1. You are right, I do not know this family. But I believe that this IS my business. Not because it involves svg and the US but because it involves diplomatic relations between states, because it involves relations and treatment of diplomats (my country has black diplomats in NY as well), and because on the facts, as far as I can see, the officer was not just wrong but rude and racist. If we keep blaming the individual when the police force mess up we will be picking up many more little black boys and fighting to keep our diplomats out of prison (one of the most historic, basic and elementary bits of international law is “diplomatic immunity”). This is why I was even attracted to read this article. This may feel to the political vincentians as a local/national issue but despite your bias try not to miss the real issues at play here… that’s all I’m saying. The officer saw the car drop of this man, he knows there are several embassies in the building, he ought to have assumed… but from the reports it doesn’t say that your Ambassador refused to show him ID it says that your Ambassador asked him why he was asking for ID and was then placed under arrest. Last time I checked it was not arrogant or unlawful to ask an officer why he wanted to see your ID. Listen, black people have suffered too much at the hands of blatant injustices. A black man is too easily considered “arrogant” when he doesn’t bow down and give up his rights!! Look at how many times this Black President has had to apologise for being RIGHT!!! When did you ever hear, before, of a President of the US apologising or having to produce his Birth Certificate??? AND STILL they call President Obama “arrogant”. If you’re not letting them walk all over you and shred your rights and dignity you’re considered arrogant… if you’re black!! Why? Because we’re uppity negros who should still be slaves and any black man must hop and skip at the voice of a white man no matter how rude and disrespectful that voice?? I say No. NO. Too much. Too long! If I had been spoken to by an officer in this manner my response would have been exactly the same “you COULD NOT have been talking to me”. But I believe I’ve said enough on the issue. I only wished to shed some light. I do not have to know the Ambassador or his family to see what’s really at play here.

  8. MYNAME, you can pretend not to be Vincy, but the way you write makes it very obvious that you are, or that you are in love with some member of the Gonsalves family.

  9. PETER, SPEAK for yourself, because the VAST MAJORITY of Vincentians, I am sure, do not know you’re TALKING about when you said, “You just don’t know what we [VINCENTIANS] have had to put up with from this family [GONSALVES].”

    Why dont’ you stop MAKING a FOOL of yourself in the PRESENCE of the WORLD?

    You’re EMBARRASSING yourself and your COUNTRY with this KIND of NONSENSE TALK coming from your FINGERTIPS to KEYS.

    What has the GONSALVES FAMILY done to VINCENTIANS?

    I am sure VINCENTIANS would like to know too, because from the looks of it, you’re a NUTCASE.

  10. Most people are fully aware what Gonsalves has done to us, if you really want me to list the whole thing I will.

    VINCYPOWA, I want to talk to you about two things, your past ‘Cottaging’ charges and the money you owe the Calliaqua people.

    You must have known that sooner or later your ‘Cottaging’ activities would come back and get you.

    And as for the money you stole, pay it back.

  11. MYNAME:
    I applaud you for your frank and honest comment on this matter. You are not a vincentian or an American, as so claimed. As an outsider you have taken a seemingly unbiased and objective approach to the situation, not making any attempts to insult anyone by calling them derogatory names as some have done.

    Nevertheless, be aware that the vincintians (both in SVG and the diaspora) who are commenting here have more to comment on than just the incident involving ambassador Gonsalves and a police officer. Vincentians obviously have another iron in the fire. It is said that all politics is local. And even vincentians in the diaspora view this as local politics. As you may have heard from some of these comments, there are family members, especially at home who are hurting by the policies of the corrent government, or by the Gonsalves family, as is claimed. That said, you should try to understand the deeper frustration that exists by some comment on this medium – as you can see, some have very strong opinions along partisan lines.

    Before i go further let me, for a moment, share what I counsel young black men in the US to do when stopped by a police officer. It is true that everyone has rights under the law. But every right is appendaged to a responsibility, and the time to argue one’s rights under the law is not at the time when one is stopped by a policeman on the streets – whether provoked or not. Why? He/she has the uniform, a badge and a weapon. It is at such time one should act responsible. One’s rights can be argued in a court of law – the correct place to do so – not on the streets. There one is sure to lose. For when taken to court thereafter, a judje will sooner believe the words of statement of the police officer than the one – be it a black male (or whatever skin one is in). And this is true whether the police officer gives a false reoprt or not. In the absence of evidence and eyewitnesses to coroborate the account of the victim, the victim always loses.

    I too have been stopped by police officers in several states along the east. I know that on many instances I have been stopped only because I am black. Once I even had the trunk, glove compartment and back seat of my car searched. I did not have to be arrested or placed in cuffs. My first instinct is that he was just doing his job. I crtainly did not question his motivation because while doing his job I truly did not know the encounters of this officer in the previous moments of his job.

    My main point is that we all have to act responsibly. We all like to be respected. When disrespected by another is no reason to show like disrespect. The police officer disrespecting Mr. Gonsalves is a poor reflection of the said police officer’s character and judgment. Mr. Gonsalves, on the other hand, disrespecting the police officer is a reflection of Mr. Gonsalves character and judgment. And guess what? The police officer has the uniform, badge and weapon… and that’s why we are discussing it today, regardless of the future outcme.

    As for the local politics on the ground inSVG… that’s another matter.

  12. DWELL. I wish I had your intelligence, WOW your good. I will try and learn from you. You are so diplomatic that I think you should be the next SVG UN Ambassador, because its time for a change.

    Thank you so much for the lesson in etiquette. Your spot on with your comments and guidance.

  13. DWELLS, at NO TIME did Camillo DISRESPECTED the OUT OF PLACE police officer. You are seeing things that are not there.

    Moreover, I suggest that you go and read up on INTERNATIONAL LAW, as it pertains to DIPLOMATS, and you will see again that, not only was the OUT OF PLACE officer was DISRESPECTFUL to Ambassador Gonsalves, he VIOLATED INTERNATIONAL LAW by ARRESTING him.

    This OUT OF PLACE COP would have had his BEHIND HANDED to HIM if Camillo Gonsalves was, for example, the ISRAELI AMBASSADOR to the UN. Moreover, the STATE DEPARTMENT would have ALREADY APOLOGIZED to AMBASSADOR Gonsalves and to the nation of ISRAEL for what took place.

    While you are playing or engaging in petty partisan politics with a NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL matter, which goes to the HEART of the SOVEREIGNTY of our BLESSED NATION, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, a non-Vincentian practically spoon-fed you on the BIGGER PICTURE and REALITY of this incident, and even then, you still DO NOT GET IT.

    It is as if you are UNABLE to RISE above the petty partisan politics to see the BIGGER PICTURE in this INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT.


    I know CARICOM and other NATIONS will SPEAK OUT AGAINST what HAPPENED to AMBASSADOR Gonsalves and the STATE DEPARTMENT of the USA will have to ADDRESS this MATTER.


    This officer’s ARREST and ASSAULT of our Ambassador Camillo Gonsalves is an AFFRONT on the SOVEREIGNTY of our BLESSED NATION of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

  14. I think we should make the Policeman an honoury Vincentian.

    VINCYPOWA, the only affront to our sovereignty is you and your boss that little fat Marxist scum bag, Donkey Gonsalves. He has sold out our sovereignty every time he takes dirty blood money from those rubbish states such as Iran, Syria and dozens of others. He sold out our sovereignty when he signed us to ALBA. He sold out our sovereignty when he got into bed with Cuba.

    For all you in the Diaspora VINCYPOWA is a paid Gonsalves and ULP collaborator, paid to try and reverse what people post about Gonsalves and the ULP, he tries to destroy the truth by perpetuating his own and also the lies of the supreme leader Donkey Gonslaves.

    For instance, regardless of evidence that Mule Gonsalves the UN ambassador was definitely at fault by ignoring the said police officer, then refusing to give him his ID, then trying to insult the officer by saying ” you could not of been talking to me”. Well his arrogance that he inherited from Donkey Gonsalves his father, certainly helped to get his arse whipped, and rightly so.

    VINCYPOWA, how about the ‘Cottaging’ ehhhhhhhhhhh? they said you signed in by dropping a pink lace hanky!
    Johny Ray did something like that, you would know, tell us the story.

    I try not to be involved in partisan politics, though I reserve the right to vote for the person or party of my choice based on issues, not politics or party.

    Now, that said, my comments here are purely apolitical. What I am saying is that Mr. Gonsalves was not being diplomatic, or even right headed in abruptly retorting to the police officer whether the said officer was “talking to me.” Maybe the police officer knew who Mr. Gonsalves was, or maybe not. But here is a scinario to ponder: Had the officer suspected him as a terroisit (or whatever) and shot him dead, it would not have mattered to Mr. Gonsalves himself whether he (Mr. Gonsalves) was right or wrong in his action or response.

    The ‘diplomatic’ thing for Mr. Gonsalves to do was to show his ID. In a high security zone such as the one in question no one is stripped of pride (or at least shouldn’t be, except one is crowned with an elevated ego, as some have asserted) to show something that is as simple as an ID. This is true whether one is a member of the ULP, NDP, Green Party (or Labour Party or PPP, to go back a little further in Vincentian ploitical history). In fact, I think that Mr. Gonsalves is safer in his office should the said officer act the same to a real terrorist. Again I say, the police officer was just doing his job.

    Vincy Powa, I have nothing to gain from either party here. My family, over the years, has a history of voting for all parties for as long as I can remember as a child – PPP, LP, NDP and ULP. So there, Vincy Powa, I have no dog in any fight. I just talk to the issue as I see it. My viewpoint would have been the same even if were Mr. Eustace. I respect your opinin or viewpoint – right or wrong – though it happens to be starkly different from mine.

  16. PETER, not only do you LACK EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, you’re BEYOND IGNORANT, thus an EMBARRASSMENT to this NATION called St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

    Again, the POLICE OFFICER is not stationed outside of the PERMANENT MISSIONS BUILDING to ask DIPLOMATS or anyone for IDENTIFICATION going into that said building. That RESPONSIBLE is for the SECURITY PERSONNEL INSIDE the building.

    What makes the behavior of the cop OUTRAGEOUS is the FACT that Ambassador Gonsalves stepped out of the VEHICLE with DIPLOMAT PLATES INFRONT of him, so he knew that Ambassador Gonsalves was an individual of DIPLOMATIC credentials.

    Was the cop engaging in RACIAL PROFILING because the chauffeur is a RASTA MAN and Ambassador Gonsalves is a BLACK MAN?

    Moreover, Ambassador Gonsalves has been walking through and around that barricade, just like other DIPLOMATS, for over FOUR YEARS.

    In other words, that cop has seen Ambassador Gonsalves getting out of that same vehicle with diplomatic plates prior to that incident, so something else has to have been in a play for this cop to speak to him in that manner.

    That said; the OFFICER did not ASK Ambassador Gonsalves for ID until he was INSIDE the PERMANENT MISSIONS BUILDING. This building has its own SECURITY PERSONNEL and they are the ones responsible for asking persons for identification, especially persons that they’re not FAMILIAR with.

    Let us read again Ambassador Gonsalves account of what took place at the UN MISSIONS Building.

    “I was proceeding to the elevators when the NYPD officer that shouted at me earlier entered the building. He approached me from behind placed his hand on my neck and shoulder, and spun me around to face him. The officer, again angrily, shouted at me once more.

    “He said: ‘You! Didn’t you see me talking to you outside?’

    “I replied, in a calm voice, ‘You couldn’t have been talking to me.’

    “The NYPD officer then responded, again with hostility: ‘Show me some ID right now!’

    “I replied to the NYPD officer’s demand with a simple question: ‘Why? Am I under arrest?’”

    So there you have it…this cop was OUT OF ORDER.

    Again, Camillo Gonsalves is the Ambassador of St. Vincent and the Grenadines to the United Nations. In other words, he is the PERMANENT REPRESENTATIVE of the COUNTRY called St. Vincent and the Grenadines and the THE PEOPLE known as VINCENTIANS, so it is quite PITIFUL, PATHETIC and EMBARRASSING to see some of these same people SIDING with an OUT OF PLACE POLICE OFFICER who UNLAWFULLY ABUSED and ARRESTED the INDIVIDUAL that REPRESENTS their INTEREST and that of their COUNTRY of BIRTH at the UN.

    It just shows that these so-called Vincentians, who sided with a cop that BROKE PROTOCOL at the PERMANENT MISSIONS BUILDING by ARRESTING their AMBASSADOR, Camillo Gonsalves, for NO REASON WHATSOEVER, are NEITHER PATRIOTIC nor NATIONALISTIC.

    Their behavior exposes them as persons who are still of that STATE OF MIND which was INFAMOUSLY UTTERED by a man who I wouldn’t hire to manage a RUM SHOP much less VOTE for him to be LEADER of this BLESSED NATION when he said “WHAT WOULD AMERICA SAY.”

    Rosa Parks, MLK and Malcolm X would have been TERRIBLY DISAPPOINTED by the BEHAVIOR of these PATHETIC INDIVIDUALS who call themselves VINCENTIANS.

    I will end by posting an article by Sir Ronald Sanders entitled “Trayvon Martin and St Vincent’s UN Ambassador – the Racist Similarities.”

    Read more:

    SEE U around BUB.

  17. Most advanced countries have training for diplomacy, no country would allow a boy loose as an ambassador with no training or class.

    Here is the American Acadamy of Diplomacy, the UK, France, Germany and most normal countries have such facilities.

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