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KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent – Mas bands will participate in Mardi Gras yet another year without the services of a building being constructed for their use at Sion Hill.

“Apparently, … some of the stones which are above seem to be getting away and we have to build a proper defence around it,” Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves said on Monday in response to a reporter’s question about the status of the structure.

“… the building has to be finished, whether for that purpose or some other purpose,” Gonsalves, however, said.

He acknowledged the view that the building should not have been construed at the site, which is prone to rock falls.

“Persons may say, ‘You shouldn’t have started it there in the first place.’ Maybe that’s right. You shouldn’t have started there in the first place. But we have so few parcels of lands that sometimes you have to try and make do with what you have.

“… We need to have more facilities for mas bands because the number of mas bands are increasing. It’s an on-going problem. But I think we have made a lot of stride with carnival and the preparation, through the work of the state and others,” Gonsalves said.

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