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KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent, Feb. 20, IWN—A relative of the police officer being sought by his colleagues amidst allegations that he sexually assaulted his daughter has told a political activist that he is innocent.

The police officer’s relative further told Clemroy Bert Francois that he is away on a planned trip and that his colleagues know where he is.

Francois shared with I-Witness News on Tuesday a conversation he had with the relative on Facebook.

I-Witness News is withholding the name of the relative and their relationship to the police officer to avoid prejudice to any legal proceedings and to protect the identity of the 8-year-old girl, who was allegedly sexually assaulted and infected with gonorrhoea by her father — the police officer.

The Facebook conversation between Francois and the relative began after Francois posted on Facebook on Monday a photo of a cop, who, he said, was the police officer being sought by his colleagues.

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A police official told I-Witness News on Tuesday that the photo is, in fact, that of the lawman who is being sought.

But the police officials said that the photo was not issued by the police and that the lawman was only alleged to have sexually assaulted his daughter.

Commissioner of Police, Keith Miller, told I-Witness News on Sunday that the police officer who is being sought has left the country but the constabulary is would make every effort to return him to St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

“Now, you feel good you posted the pic and name… ? Who knows him know his family now. If my children and I can’t walk in the street in peace [you] will be in trouble,” the relative told Francois via Facebook.

The relative further said that the police officer is not on the run.

“… He had this trip plan[ned] way before all this came up. You can ask his inspector,” the relative said.

“… you did not get a story or a statement from me saying yes this happened so clean all this mess up now!

“Starting 12 midnight, you have 10 hours or this going get messy. … I’ll mess up all of you. You don’t think of what will happen to us when you do these things. All you think about is your own fame. I am not pleased,” the relative further told the activist.

“He is not running. His co-workers know where he is … and they know he had to go. So let’s see who wants to mess with me. … More of this and I’m doing what I have to,” the relative further told Francois.

The relative further said that the accusations against the police office “are false”.

But Francois asked about the child being infected with the sexually transmitted disease and offered to help to expose the alleged perpetrator.

“I do not need your help in that way … Exposure is not the answer… Did you expose the man who raped the other child? … who took her during lunch time and raped her … or you didn’t hear that…” the relative said.