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KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent, March 3, IWN — Police last month arrested a man in the South Leeward village of Campden Park for sexually assaulting an elderly woman, from the same community.

A female neighbour of the woman told I-Witness News that it was not the first time that the man had attempted to sexually assault the woman.

The woman is said to be more than 60 years old and not to be in full possession of her faculties.

The neighbour told I-Witness News that she became aware of the latest assault on the woman when another occupant of the house in which the senior citizen lives raised an alarm about a man being inside the house the night of the incident.

The neighbour told I-Witness News that the man, who is said to have a drug habit, had grabbed the old woman by the throat.

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He was discovered inside the house with an open condom pack, the neighbour said.

It was not known what charges, if any, were laid against the man, since police generally do not divulge information about sexual assault and such cases are not heard in open court.