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Miss Mayreau, 18-year-old Justlyn Ollivierre, was crowned Miss Easterval 2013 in Union Island on Monday.

Miss Easterval 2013 Justlyn Ollivierre Of Mayreau Is Flanked By First Runner-Up, Miss Barbados, Heidi Barro, Left, And Second Runner-Up, Miss St. Vincent, Shackell Bobb
Miss easterval 2013 justlyn ollivierre of mayreau is flanked by first runner-up, miss barbados, heidi barro, left, and second runner-up, miss st. Vincent, shackell bobb

ASHTON, Union Is., April 1, IWN — Miss Mayreau, Justlyn Ollivierre, 18, got her best birthday gift yet when she was crowned Miss Easterval 2013 Monday morning — her birthday.

Miss Barbados, Heidi Barrow, was First Runner-up, while Miss St. Vincent, Shackell Bobb, was Second Runner-up.

In winning the title, Ollivierre successfully took the first step in a journey along the pathway that her older sister, Casynella, walked when she won the Miss SVG and Miss Carival titles in 2005.

Miss Easterval 2013, Justlyn Ollivierre, Also Won The Best Swimwear Category Of The Show.
Miss easterval 2013, justlyn ollivierre, also won the best swimwear category of the show.

Results at a glace

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Miss Easterval 2013: Miss Mayreau, Justlyn Ollivierre

First Runner-up: Miss Barbados, Heidi Barrow

Second Runner-up: Miss St. Vincent, Shackell Bobb

Most Photogenic: Miss Mayreau, Justlyn Ollivierre

Facebook People’s Choice: Miss Union Island, Laurel Ambrose

Best Swimwear: Miss Mayreau, Justlyn Ollivierre

Best Talent: Miss Mayreau, Justlyn Ollivierre

Best Evening Wear: Miss St. Vincent, Shackell Bobb

Best Interview: Miss Barbados, Heidi Barrow

As the judges announced that Ollivierre had defeated the other seven contestants in the pageant, her fans began singing happy birthday.

One of them moved forward and handed her a sheet of tissue, which Ollivierre used to dry the tears that had begun to flow when it was announced that the had won the Swimwear category.

One of Ollivierre’s fans encouraged her not to cry. “You have not won as yet,” the female fan said, even as it was announced that Ollivierre had also topped the Talent segment.

But, Justlyn’s domination of the Swimwear and Talent categories, along with her outstanding performance overall, won her the crown.

She was then free to cry, having won the show that she waited all her life to compete in.

“I am feeling really ecstatic. It shocked me, because I never expected this,” the St. Joseph’s Convent Kingstown graduate told reporters after her crowning.

Miss Easterval 2013, Justlyn Ollivierre'S Talent Was About Vending In Mayreau.
Miss easterval 2013, justlyn ollivierre’s talent was about vending in mayreau.

“I only came to have fun. This is my first pageant. I have never been on stage, so this shocked my whole world. Today is my birthday and this is the best birthday gift I have ever had,” she further said.

Ollivierre said she took a break before going to college so that she could enter the show.

“I took a break just for this pageant before I go to college, because I was planning to go to this pageant all my life.”

She, however, said preparation was “hectic, it was rough”.

“I lost a lot of weight and I couldn’t believe I won. It shocked me,” she said.

Some patrons at the show were undoubtedly beginning to think that the monologues in the Talent segment were becoming more than little monotonous.

Four of the six contestant before Ollivierre did monologues on the effects of drug abuse, the death of a mother, how Easterval has changed, and of a child overcoming hardships, respectively.

Many of them fell short on content and delivery.

And while Ollivierre’s monologue — “The Vendor”, was not perfect, she humorously but effectively addressed some of the issue that vendors and tourists in Mayreau encounter during their interactions with each other.

Ollivierre said in the post show interview that she wanted to portray the “good and bad of tourism that affect my little island of Mayreau.”

Best Evening Wear Went To Miss St. Vincent, Shackell Bobb.
Best evening wear went to miss st. Vincent, shackell bobb.

“I portrayed a vendor from Mayreau, because I wanted to keep it local, so I portrayed the vendors and the problems they had with the tourist and the problems that we create for the tourists as well,” she said.

Ollivierre’s closest rivals in the Talent category were most likely Miss Venezuela, Mariam Barbar, who sang a song that she had written and arranged, and Miss Barbados, who danced.

And, with Ollivierre’s confidence boosted by the win, she is considering entering a pageant in Petite Martinique next month.

“This has given me the confidence to go and enter and big up my little island of Mayreau.”

When she starts college in September, Ollivierre will be studying business.

“Seeing that I come from the very small island of Mayreau, people don’t know about Mayreau and life there is very hard, economically too. So that is why I chose the business field to go in to give back to my community,” Ollivierre said.

The other contestants in the pageant were Miss Carriacou, Francelyn Tamara Lessey; Miss Trinidad and Tobago, Victoria St. Louis; and Miss Margarita, Tiffany Paola Da Silva Escobar.

Saturday’s show was affected by poor and often erroneous Spanish-English translation, an almost two-hour late start, and a lack of guest artiste, which resulted in DJ music being played between appearances by the contestants.

Miss Easterval 2013 Contestants In Their Evening Wear.
Miss easterval 2013 contestants in their evening wear.
Correction: An earlier version of this story displayed an incorrect photograph of the Best Evening Wear and incorrectly identified the winner. The correct information is now displayed.
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  1. I have a question, it just struck me having read this article; if I recall correctly, there is no Grenadines representative in the Miss SVG show for this Carnival; so I have to ask, is this lady going to be included in the Miss SVG beauty show? Now I am curious, as to on what bases did the contestants of the Miss SVG chosen? In the ideal world, shouldn’t the Miss SVG contestants be winners of local pageant shows around the country, ala the Miss Easterval show? Just wondering, maybe that is the way to go in the future. It will certainly give the ladies much more exposure and experience to face the sometimes unforgiving-hard to-please-crowd at Victoria Park.

    I have to say this again, the Grenadines folks really had a blast for this Easter…maybe they need to export some of the fun and activities to the mainland…mm, I am just saying.


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