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KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent, April 10 – The Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment is hosting medical professionals from the World Pediatric Project from April 7 to April 13.

Permanent Secretary Luis de Shong says this is the seventh medical mission mounted by the World Pediatric Project this year.

The mission is focusing on pediatric orthopaedics and consists of six medical professionals, headed by Dr. Eric Gordon, and including Dr. Horatius Jeffers, a St. Lucian orthopedic surgeon.

Vincentian orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Charles Woods, who is currently acting as Medical Director of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, is the in-country team leader.

The medical team is performing surgical interventions on children from not only St Vincent and the Grenadines, but also from Anguilla, Grenada, St Lucia and Dominica.

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The medical missions which have been held so far for the year have been in the specialities of opthalmology, plastic surgery, neonatology, physical therapy, general surgery and cardiology.

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    There are quite a number of ULP members and MPs besides Gonsalves, who are looking for superior brains to replace the mushy crap that they currently have.

  2. Now if this was a report of the Cubans doing something medical we would be bombarded with all sorts of crap. How wonderful they are for doing something that they were inevitably being paid for.

    Its time for the Cubans to get the hell out of SVG, they are sucking the blood out of us.

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