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Detective Constable Hadley Ballantyne handcuff a woman as she is led out of Stoplight Restaurant, where she was involved in a fight with a Community College student on Thursday, April 11, 2013.

Detective Constable Hadley Ballantyne Handcuff A Woman As She Is Led Out Of Stoplight Restaurant, Where She Was Involved In A Fight With A  Community College Student On Thursday, April 11, 2013.
Detective constable hadley ballantyne handcuff a woman as she is led out of stoplight restaurant, where she was involved in a fight with a community college student on thursday, april 11, 2013.

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent, April 12, IWN – A fight — reportedly over a man — between a woman and a female Community College student in uniform near the Peace Memorial Hall on Thursday, spilled into the kitchen of a nearby restaurant, where the woman received a blow that left her with a bloody face.

Heavily armed, uniformed police officers, along with plain-clothes detectives, later handcuffed and took away the woman, who screamed obscenities at them and resisted as she was placed inside a marked police vehicle.

The student left the scene in an unmarked car, but it was not immediately clear if the driver, or any of the persons accompanying her, were police officers.

A large crowd had gathered as the commotion developed and unfolded.

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Detective Constable Hadley Ballantyne, Right, Escorts A Community College Student Out Of Stoplight Restaurant, Where She Was Involved In A Fight With A Woman On Thursday. detective constable hadley ballantyne, right, escorts a community college student out of stoplight restaurant, where she was involved in a fight with a woman on thursday.

I-Witness News saw a video clip of the beginning of the fight, where the woman and the students exchanged blows before wrestling each other to the ground.

The full-bodied student, who was then on top of the woman, continued to deliver blows.

When I-Witness News arrived on the scene around 5:40 p.m., the student, was not to be seen, but the woman was outside the restaurant cussing about having bought a van for an unidentified man.

The woman complained about the man having relationships with other women.

Sometime later, a marked police vehicle containing several officers in Special Services Unit garbs and armed with automatic weapons arrived on the scene and escorted the woman out of the restaurant.

She was placed in handcuffs as she refused to go with the police.

A staff member of the restaurant — Stoplight — told I-Witness News that after the fight spilled into the restaurant, the student was told to remain in the kitchen.

The Woman Resisted And Swore At Police As She Was Being Placed Inside A Police Vehicle.
The woman resisted and swore at police as she was being placed inside a police vehicle.

The staff member then secretly called the police, who responded more than half hour later.

The woman suddenly rushed into the kitchen and accosted the student and it is believed that the student hit the woman in the head with an object, sending blood streaming down the injured woman’s face and unto her clothes, the staff member said.

“I have never seen something happen so fast,” the staff member told I-Witness News, adding that the woman also bit another staff member on the hand.

The staff member further complained about the amount of time that the police took to respond to the incident, in Kingstown, where Police Headquarters is located.

Had the police responded sooner, the incident would not necessarily have turned to bloodshed, the staff member said.

The staff member also told I-Witness News that she knows personally the man over whom the woman and the student reportedly fought.

“I can’t believe people would fight for a man like that,” she said.

Other persons in the area said that the student denied being involved with the man.

(Editor’s note: We apologize for uploading earlier an unedited version of this story and have attempted to correct the typos.)
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14 replies on “Fight between woman and college girl ‘over man’ turns bloody”

  1. They were lucky that the police turned up at all.

    I am sure the police stay away from these type of public disturbances. They wait until the matter has died down, someone has been killed, or the perpetrators have left. That way they have got little or no work to do.

    Then if they do turn up, they over do it by sending in the SSU in their army combat uniforms, big guns, and no identifying badges or markings on them, so as they can brutalise without being identified.

    Is this the ALBA procedures and training at work?

  2. SVG policemen are lazy ass jokers.half an hour later they showed up?really?That woman fight for man,the man doesn’t want you,its just what he can get from you when a man truly loves you he won’t cheat,a man cheat on me there is no fighting and no second chance your ass is gone

  3. I think its rather ridiculous and total negligence that the police officers showed up on the seen so long after the call was made as a result of their negligence blood had to be spilled what if someone had lost their life??

  4. Police need to respond at quicker times,student needs to have an education first before she gets involve in those kind of things(as a matter of fact she should not be involved),mature woman shouldn’t be fighting a child more or less over a male(she should be more responsible than that).If she bought a van for the man and he is not behaving himself ,take the van back and send him packing .Do not take it out of the student.
    A wake up call to those of us parents to speak to our sons and daughters about life,education etc.Go to school students and let your parents be proud of you all.

  5. So now it is the POLICE’S FAULT why the WOMAN got her FACE BLOODED, because of showing up 30 minutes late. LOL

    Only in SVG you hear this kind of SILLY LOGIC and RIDICULOUS EXCUSE for persons’ POOR DECISIONS in LIFE.

    The woman got her FACE BLOODED because of her STUPIDITY, by FIGHTING OVER a MAN, PLAIN and SIMPLE.

    Take RESPONSIBILITY for your DECISIONS in LIFE instead of BLAMING others.

  6. What’s the big deal? People fight over silly things all the while. Countries go to war over the silliest things imaginable.
    What haven’t most of us fought over and probably live to regret? It all boils down to the frailty of the human species… animal instinct. They might even become friends and have a good laugh at the whole thing.

  7. VINCYIRSDODGERPOWA, I am sure you would fight to right the honour of the fat man, if he had honour to right that is.

    You have to politicise everything, we are getting sick of you, no we got sick of you a long time ago.

  8. “…a marked police vehicle containing several officers in Special Services Unit garbs and armed with automatic weapons…” why all the weaponry for a simple matter? I would like to think our police officers are trained in areas other than “weapons” to deal with social violence in public places, because the idea of some bottled-up trigger happy officer coming on scene looking for “any excuse” is dangerous!

  9. IRA ISAACS, thank God we still a have a few people like you who can say what they see. God help us if the police and theie ultimate commander ever think that there is a political riot to quell, they will be there in minutes and it could well result in a massacre.

    I do not believe that these police in military jungle warfare garb, big guns and large magazines, arriving without badges, numbers or visual identifycation that citizens are able to identify them by, should be allowed in SVG. Why because I firmly believe we cannot trust a prime minister who tells us he is here to finish the work of Maurice Bishop, and despite numerous requests has given no explanation.

    We have become a police state under this Marxist government, and what most people don’t know is that there are hundred of special branch [political] police creeping about amongst us. Among other things they are looking for dissenters of the present regime.

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