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From left: Sister Bullock, Sophie Goddard, Valarie Pelletier and Guy Hadley.

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From Left: Sister Bullock, Sophie Goddard, Valarie Pelletier And Guy Hadley.
From left: sister bullock, sophie goddard, valarie pelletier and guy hadley.

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent, May 16, IWN — Members of The SVG National Rugby Club made a special visit to the Lewis Punnett home on Saturday, the eve of Mothers’ Day.

Players and their families took along several garbage bags of clothes, shoes and cleaning products as well as cakes and cookies to distribute at teatime.

Guy Hadley, Valarie Pelletier and Sophie Goddard toured the home and held talks with Sister Bullock.

The home currently houses 48 male and 44 females, who are in constant need of disposable diapers, cleaning agents, towels, sheets, clothes, shoes, toiletries and other personal items on a regular basis.

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But, there is not enough funds or products to go around so every donation counts.

The Rugby Club, which says it will be making regular visits to the home, is urging persons to donate to the home, which houses the elderly poor and other destitute persons.

The Rugby Club is dedicating time to coaching the nation’s youth and to helping the various communities across St. Vincent.

It says the home visit was just one way the club is helping the country.

The club does community-based projects monthly and has plans for more home visits, beach clean-ups, building things for the less fortunate, fundraising events, and, among others, helping local churches.

Persons interested in more information about ways in which the Rugby Club is helping communities, or individuals or groups who would like the club to help them or their community can email [email protected]

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One reply on “SVG Rugby Club visits Lewis Punnett Home”

  1. Well done Guy, you are starting to live up to the legacy of some of your ancestors. Unfortunately this kind of goodness sometimes skips a generation or two, but now its back. You haven’t done badly for a modern Hadley.

    Thank you Guy and the Rugby club, your all stars, each and every one of you.

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