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Airlines are slashing their flights into the Caribbean. Virgin has cut their daily 747 flight into Barbados into two small aircraft a week from Manchester.

Thank heavens we have Venezuelan and Cuban tourists to fall back on. Venezuela, which has gasoline for their cars at 20 cents a gallon, $15 a night bed and breakfast and $35 dollars a night hotel rooms. They will flock to SVG at our rates of $12 dollars for gasoline, $75 dollars bed and breakfast and $150 dollars a night hotel rooms. The Cubans do not have so much to spend as the Venezuelans, but their money is good and would be a big help in sending our hospitality business into free fall bankruptcy.

The bad news is that several airlines, including Virgin, will now operate into Barbados with 125-seat aircraft twice weekly, instead of 400 seats daily.

LIAT is cutting back their flights to and from Grenada, flights to Jamaica are being slashed, and even Jet Blue is cutting services. Delta Air, Canada and several others are cutting back also.

This is the good news we have been waiting for, for our new Argyle multinational services, at least we should have at least one 128-seater a week from Venezuela, according to Gonsalves. Thank heaven we had the foresight to build an airport to carry in excess of a million passengers a year; we can at least compete with Heathrow, O’Hare, Charles De Gaule and other great international airports.

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Thank goodness for the insight of the two Francis boys in pre-selling landing slots at our new airport. What a stroke of genius.

If you analyse the genius, 10 per cent of nothing, is nothing. What great fiscal airport entrepreneur’s they truly are. Aren’t we lucky to have such wonderful guidance?

Peter Binose

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10 replies on “Several airlines slash Caribbean flights”

  1. OK Mr.GLOOM and DOOM. Don’t go outside. Don’t cross the street. Don’t invest. Don’t even think about putting money in the bank.
    Change your name to Mr. Negative or Mr. Grossly Bias.
    Do you ever read what you write. You are calling people names like Stupid, and Idiot. You must have an open mind and keep your hostility in check. YOU ARE ANNOYING.

  2. All jokes aside, JetBlue is schedule to begin service to Haiti in December and it has been announced since about March, industry notifications public, staffing allocations and infrastructure investments underway. The same 9 month process was publicly visible before beginning service to St Lucia.
    For a facility advertised to be operational next year there is yet to be a single public service announcement of routes or service by a single airline, not even our pride and joy, LIAT.

  3. Our great maximum leader is indeed a genius in all things from the weather to finding money for pockets how did he miss the chance to send toilet paper to friends in Venezuela to clean their glass in exchange for 10 flights a day to ” the airport that broke the back of an island in the sun “

  4. RUDY, you are losing the plot again, what on earth are you talking about. You are the only person that I use those names on, and I continue to do so based on what you write and how you behave. You are stupid and you are an idiot.

    You attack me and I am only the messenger, you fail to fault what I write.

    Stop being a silly boy and get back in the yard where you belong.

    1. From what institute did you graduate. You are a nothing and I will not waste my time with excrement. Go shower. You reek.

  5. STEVE_HUGGINS says:

    Peter, they are really POLITICAL ‘entrepreneurs’- – – that is the true ROBBER BARONS.

    Ah hearing that the COPYCAT RED RUSSIA “CAESTSTROITE COMMUNIST is now one of the BIGGEST “CAPITALISTS” in St. Vincent.

    ‘im must be competing with he Maasa castro for FORBES MAGAZINE’s 100 RICHEST MEN IN THE WORLD.

    So sad. Everything seems to be CLOSING DOWN in SVG, but the COMMUNIST FRAUDS are doing very well FOR THEMSELVES, Thank you. A house every Monday marning, and a restaurant every week. Well… yuh got to manage your resources well, m’dear.

  6. STEVE, you are quite right he or his family owns whole buildings, commercial and private, in and outside of Kingstown, several, all since 2001.

    Can you do that on a parliamentary salary? I don’t think so? So how has that been achieved?

  7. Patrick Ferrari says:

    The gloves are off … and quite rightly so.

    It is what I’ve been saying about rags to riches all along.

    And I am saying too, how much more before they see that we are fed up.

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