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Just five points separated first and second place while two points stood between the third and fourth place winners in the Band of the Year competition.

SVG Players International Mas Band returned to dominance with its presentation “The Garifuna Story”, which amassed 588 points.

Guinness Y De Lima Hitz FM 103.7 Blondie Bird & Friends was second with “Jewel of the Caribbean”, which garnered 583 points.

Stag The News Dragons’ “A Touch of Class – A tribute to Vincy Mas” gained 510 points for third.

Metrocint General Insurance Co./The Vincentian Publishing Co. in Association with Hairoun High Voltage Mas Production took fourth place with the 508 points that “Tribute 50” generated.

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Meanwhile, Players also dominated the Uptown Competition, while Digicel Carib Nelson Bloc’s “Legends of the Masquerade” was second and Mirage Productions’ “Romancing the Stone” was third.

And, Blondie Bird & Friends amassed 425 points to win the Best use of Colour competition.

Players was second with 419 points.

Melbourne Artisan’s “Carnival Reincarnation” was third with 406 points, two points less than Owen Ralph & the Professionals’ “Shades of Colors”, which in turn amassed two point more than the fifth place winner, Dragons.

Players will get EC$50,000 for winning the competition.

(Watch video below of SVG Players masqueraders in Kingstown)