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The Centre for Enterprise Development last week trained 56 young persons in starting and operating a business. (Photo: CED)

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Fifty-six young persons on Thursday received training in starting and operating a business.

The training came in the form of a workshop organized by the Centre for Enterprise Development (CED).

It provided young entrepreneurs with theoretical and practical information on how to develop and operate a business.

The training was sponsored by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and was implemented by the Young American Business Trust (YABT), a component of the Youth-In Entrepreneurship programme.

Akarda Ventour, YABT’s programme officer for the Caribbean, told I-Witness News that participants were asked to come up with creative ideas for businesses.

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They also engaged in activities that helped with time management skills, teamwork, and formulating information that one would need to work as a team when starting one’s own business.

Participants engage in an activity during the workshop. (Photo: CED)
Participants engage in an activity during the workshop. (Photo: CED)

She said the response was “overwhelming” and many of the ideas were practical and could actually be developed into businesses.

And, Keisha Phillips, training coordinator at the CED, told I-Witness News that the training was provided as part of her organisation’s strong belief that youths have a critical role to play in the economic development of the country.

She said that as part of its youth business and entrepreneurship programme, the CED has fostered a relationship with the YABT to bring business labs and mini business labs opportunities, and the Caribbean Innovation Challenge (CIC)competition to Vincentian youths.

She further said the CED was scheduled to train only 40 persons during Thursday’s session but had received inquiries from over 60 persons.

Fifty-six persons participated in the workshop.

Phillips said that a lot of young people come to the CED with very good business ideas that they want to make a reality but access to finance remains a challenge.

She told I-Witness news that the CED encourages these young people not to be deterred by this challenge and advises them about opportunities and the different financing options, or how they can start a business without a large amount of money.

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