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Parnell R. campbell
Lawyer Parnell R. campbell, QC.

A prominent Vincentian lawyer has questioned the origin of the three new charges against opposition senator, Vynnette Frederick.

A court on July 11 threw out six perjury charges against the opposition legislator.

Nine charges relating to false declarations, swearing falsely, and fabricating evidence were laid against her later that day.

The case has triggered much debate locally, regionally, and internationally.

“Where did they come from?” former attorney general, Parnell R. Campbell said of the three additional charges on Monday.

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“Were they being put up in a refrigerator waiting patiently until that moment to bring them forth?” he further said on his weekly television programme, during which he explains the laws of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

“If they were matters on which she could have been charged originally, why wait ‘til now to bring three fresh charges? Something is wrong. The prosecutorial system has been abused,” the former parliamentarian said.

“It has been used in a manner calculated to create maximum embarrassment for the young lady, regardless of the merits of the case,” said Campbell, who strongly criticised the police for arresting Frederick during lunch which her legal team, political colleagues and relatives at a restaurant in Kingstown.

3 replies on “Former AG asks if 3 new charges against senator were on ice”

  1. The minister of national security who never knows when anything goes wrong under his watch or is never in the country when anything is going on that he is not comfortable with ( all or most heads of state usually rush BACK home this one is always RUSHING AWAY ) and julian frascis is who who now run the judiciary in SVG even the magistrates and judges are in my eyes all suspects in the complot but now thanks to Vynnette the S**t has hit the fan before the it was drew and not in the manner that was being planned either .So my dear Vynnette even when you are down you are still fighting for the common people of svg because i am sure this action against you will save a few others and has also serve to open a few eyes as well in svg and the region as a whole ( i saw it mentioned in quite a few papers ) ,i wish you the best, you have my support for what it is worth and thank you , stay strong like PR said today for me tomorrow for you and who said better days are coming ? thats true too .

  2. Mr CAMPBELL, perhaps this is what one could call malicious prosecution. We know that one of the ULP state traits are spite, malice, hate and now malicious prosecution. What we need to reconcile in our own minds is this a conspiracy between our leaders, the state, the judiciary, the police and perhaps one very nasty evil little fat man.

    Just watch them now turn on Parnell Campbell, they will trawl up all sorts of nastie’s from the past. The application of spite, malice and pure evil will go into top gear.

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