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Public Prosecution Colin Williams. (IWN file photo)

Persons are arrested while they are sleeping. So what is wrong with arresting opposition senator, Vynnette Frederick while she is having lunch?

This was the essence of the response by Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Colin Williams to criticisms by former Attorney General, Parnell R. Campbell, QC, about the arrest of Frederick while she was having lunch on July 11.

Campbell, speaking on his weekly television programme on Monday, also questioned the morality of the decision to bring nine charges against the senator hours after a court threw out six charges against her.

The former MP under the New Democratic Party, to which Frederick also belongs, said that not everything that is legal is morally right.

“To me, what he is saying it is legal but he would not have done so…” the DPP, however, said of Campbell’s comment.

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“This is the same man who lie down in front of a police vehicle saying these things,” Williams said of the lawyer who had lain on the ground infront of a police vehicle in an attempt to prevent the state from deporting one of his clients.

“So he would do anything, according to him. That is what he is saying. But, I have no problem with Mr. Campbell feeling strongly about it. I have no problem with his position,” the DPP further said.

Campbell also said that there was no reason for the police to arrest Frederick at a restaurant –where she was having lunch with her lawyers, political colleagues, and relatives.

Lawyer Parnell R. campbell, QC.
Lawyer Parnell R. campbell, QC.

Campbell said he was not saying this because Frederick is a lawyer, senator, or from a prominent family.

“It is those same things that they are saying that she is special, so you shouldn’t do that. Do that to ordinary people. If a person is not a lawyer, if they are not a senator, if they ain’t come from good family, deal with them like that but not people who come from good family, or who is a lawyer, or who is a member of Parliament, or who is my friend.

“That is what I understand Parnell Campbell to be saying, and that is what I understand the Bar Association to be saying as well,” the DPP said.

“There is no difference between Vynnette Frederick and hundreds of other persons who police go and arrest,” the DPP said, adding that persons are even arrested while they are sleeping.

“They didn’t go like a thief in the night, as the expression is, and take she out her bed, grab her under the cover of darkness,” he said of the senator.

“If they had done so, you would hear, ‘Oh, they come like a thief in the night.’ You would always hear complaints,” he further said.

5 replies on “DPP rebuts former AG’s criticisms, says people are even arrested while sleeping”

  1. Patrick Ferrari says:

    And persons are arrested too, with civility. Which do we choose?

    The style of the arrest tells us more about the goons who send the goons than the goons who obey the goon’s orders.

    Who is more the fool? The fool or the fool who follows the him? – Ben Kenobi, Star Wars.

  2. I am saying that if any other was lock up eating lunch and people get lock up sleeping to what is wrong with all the people talking about she getting lock up if that was what we call a bad person will it be ok

  3. THIS IS MKll, MK l, was never published because of the wording, sorry Kenton.

    People who are arrested whilst they are sleeping are of a certain type, dangerous people, people apt to put to flight, usually violent or known to be armed, not people like the Honourable Ms Frederick.

    Ms Frederick was arrested in a way specifically designed to embarrass her and to cause ultimate damage to her image and that of the NDP. It was a spiteful act loaded with hate, spite and malice, and seeing as the DPP supports it, perhaps he is also guilty of harbouring those qualities.

    For the DPP to put that forward as an excuse “people are arrested whilst they are sleeping” just how off his judgment is, and because of what I consider mal-judgment, I consider him a danger to society. The sooner we are rid of this man the better. Do you think Colin Williams should ever of been made DPP, it was against the advice of the SVG Bar Association, who objected to it. This man was believed unsuitable then because of his closeness to the political party the ULP. He has, by my way of thinking, since proved himself to be unsuitable.

    He was put there just like our Speaker of the House was, put there by Gonsalves. And I am convinced that was not for the good of Vincentian society, it was perceived by Gonsalves as good for Gonsalves.

    This armed confrontation bullying using the SSU Mongoose Gang Goons, in their camouflaged jungle warfare uniform has got to stop. These people need to be disbanded, or used only in the mountains where they can meet their match. Remember this is the squad who’s motto is “ WE WILL HUNT THEM DOWN UNTIL THEY EXIST NO MORE”. Something that GONSALVES reiterated, but denied in Parliament he ever said such a thing, until a recording was produce of him saying it, proved him once again a liar.

    This matter has become the talk of the free World. Its being talked about Regionally, Nationally and World wide on talk shows and political programs. It has brought SVG once more into the limelite and perhaps disrepute. Just as the sexual accusations against Gonsalves made us a World spectacle, so has this. And Colin William has been involved in both those matters.

    Peter Binose
    Self-appointed keeper of the whistle

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