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The Chapmans Village woman who died Saturday after receiving a chop wound to the back of the neck, and the man accused of killing her were scheduled to appear in court on Monday, Aug. 26.

Reports say that 32-year-old Amy-Ann Tittle received the fatal wound while her three children looked on.

Police say they have arrested her 32-year-old common law husband, Insan Humphrey, in connection with the crime.

They further say that the crime took place as a result of a domestic dispute.

Humphrey was a sailor and neighbours say that the relationship between the couple deteriorated after he took up that job.

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Brenda Toney, one of the couple’s neighbours said that the couple was having problems “all the time” and were scheduled to appear before the family court on Monday.

Toney said that on Saturday morning, her son called to her to turn down the television.

She then heard Tittle cry out. By the time she got to the scene, Tittle was lying on the ground dead and Humphrey was walking away from her body, Toney said.

“It is a sad thing, because all the children witness it,” Toney said.

Meanwhile, Salita Blucher, another of the couple’s neighbours detailed a relationship that became tumultuous after Humphrey became a seaman.

She said that the man once referred to Tittle as a “garbage heap”, saying that he no longer wanted a relationship with her.

“And when he came back this time, he want to make up with her, she decided she is not going to get back with him because he never used to support her for all those months.

“That young man, never let him out that jail!” she said of the accused.


Solutions to Domestic Disputes


When trying to find solutions to domestic disputes, it’s first important to understand what it is and figure out what type it is. These incidents can range from simple disagreements or arguments about how to manage household chores or the children, to verbal and mental attacks for no apparent reason, and then there are those which turn into physical confrontations and one person begins physically attacking the other one.

When dealing with the first type of domestic dispute, the best thing to remember is that nothing gets resolved in the heat of anger. If you and your partner find yourselves disagreeing and the disagreement turns into an argument that no one’s winning- it’s best to take a breather and give each other some space until you both cool down. The best resolution to this type of dispute is to re-approach the subject after you’ve both calmed down and to come up with a compromise that you can both live with.

In a situation where one partner is verbally attacking the other, there may come a point in which the one who is being attacked needs to say “You’re attacking me, and it needs to stop.” If the attacked refuses to stop his/her attacks, then you need to remove yourself from the situation and make sure he/she understands that you will not discuss the topic with him/her unless they are willing to communicate without attacking.

In the first two types of altercations, there are several common-sense solutions. Couples’ counselling is one of the best solutions to domestic disputes in these two situations- along with a willingness to learn how to communicate in an effective and positive manner. The willingness to resolve the problem and to compromise will go a long way towards solving both of these types of disputes.

In a situation involving physical attacks, physical confrontations or intimidation tactics- there usually is no “compromise.” If you fear for your safety or that of your children, then you need to get yourself and them out of the situation. In this situation, the solution often is to leave and go somewhere safe, calling the police for help if necessary. You can’t reason with an abuser, and no matter how many times he/she promises they won’t do it again, this is usually untrue- once physically violent, always physically violent.

In some cases, solutions to domestic disputes are simple, and can be handled in a mature manner if both parties are willing. In other cases, the solutions to domestic disputes are to simply get away from the situation and don’t go back. These altercations between couples can vary as much as personalities in people, finding out what kind of personality you and your partner’s altercations or disagreements have, will provide the answer as to the best solution for them.

4 replies on “UPDATE: Homicide victim and accused killer were to appear in court on Monday”

  1. As A Vincientian living abroad for an enormous amt of years, there was a time when i looked forward to going home to spend quality time with my loved ones, Presently due to the Barbaric behaviour and lack of Respect for my countryman s Life, not to mention Lack of Support from The Authoritarian Figures Who cease to implement More SEVERE Punishment for such heinous crimes while the Victims and their loved ones live with the Pain of loosing a family member or a friend. Visiting my home town no longer gives me the joy i once felt. Sad but true. So Wake UP PEOPLE and DEMAND that YOUR environment and that of YOUR loved ones and neighbors be A SAFE Place to Live’ STOP Directing your focus on WHO is wearing Yellow or Red and GET TOGETHER TO SAVE Your Head.

  2. I am making a personal plea to my countrymen please stop this before we become a place that is talk about negatively in the news.
    You know who you are, women are now your property, they are to be treated like the queens they are, and your equal partner. If the relationship is not working, can you not walk away and find someone else.
    Men you do not own your women, they are your equal partner, sorry I had to repeat that for some of your thick skulls to get it.
    Women please run not walk awy from some of these sick brothers who say they love you, this is not love this is war.
    And to all my other vincentian brothers and sisters, please stop taking pictures of decease in these gruesome positions and posting it to the web. If it was your love one would you be happy seeing those pictures, can someone not just cover a body?
    Thats my rant for today, I’m getting tired of these stories, sad state we are in, peace and love.

  3. Crime should be on the agenda for the next election. I can’t imagine SVG nationals want to continue living under these conditions. There has to be changes and if it means changing the government, then so be it.

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