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A LIAT aircraft with 43 passengers on board landed safely in Barbados yesterday after it had “a main wheel failure during takeoff”.

The airline said yesterday that the aircraft, flight LI 774, travelling from Guyana to Barbados, continued to the Grantley Adams International Airport where, as a precautionary measure, emergency services were on standby.

“The landing was uneventful and the passengers disembarked at the gate in Barbados,” the airline said.

“The aircraft is being examined by the company’s maintenance department and will undergo the various checks stipulated by the manufacturer before it is returned to service,” LIAT further said in a statement.

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3 replies on “LIAT plane lands safely in Barbados after wheel failure during takeoff in Guyana”

  1. Seems this is going to create more problems with flights for Liat. What wasnt said if the problem is on one of the new planes.

  2. …..”emergency services were on standby.” Leacock asked in last Parliament if any preparations are in place at Argyle for this real situation and the Speaker asked himself if he was sleeping to allow such a question to be asked. Customs/immigration in St Lucia, Barbados and Trinidad could well use the speakers’ response to caution all transit passengers of the low priority the gov’t of SVG has air safety. I’ll wait very long to see the tourism ministry reverse this.

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