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More than a million cockroaches that were being raised there for traditional medicine have escaped from a farm in Chinese.

Reports say the roaches fled the farm last week and have made their homes in nearby cornfields.

The owner of the farm said that an unknown assailant destroyed the greenhouse in which the insects were being held.

The owner had invested some US$16,300 into his roach-raising operation. He would have made US$163 for every kilogramme of the insects sold.

Chinese medicine adherents believe that extracts of the cockroach can be used to treat illnesses, including cancer and inflammation.

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The owner said more than 1.5 million roaches had hatched, and he had fed them “fruits and biscuits” each day.

cockroaches that he sold. But it now appears that he lost hundreds of thousands of yuan.

Local officials sent investigators to look into the matter.

(From: Epoch Times)