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Four women have a 4-month-old baby, a 7-year-old child, a loving boyfriend, and a forgiving storeowner to thank for walking free after being caught red-handed stealing from a store in Kingstown.

The women and their illegal activities were recorded by the store’s surveillance camera.

The video (see video at the end of this post) shows the women engaging in some elaborate but deft manoeuvres as they bagged pairs of shoes at the store without ever visiting the cash register.

The storeowner, Tony Neeme, called in the police and the women were arrested.

However, Neeme decided not to press charges following a plea by one of the women’s boyfriend.

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That woman has a 4-month-old baby and a 7-year-old child and Neeme decided to pardon her.

Having decided not to press charge against that woman, he felt it would have been unfair to take the other women to court and they walked free also.

But Neeme posted a clip of the women and their thievery on Facebook and commented “Warning

Warning for al Vincentian watch out for the thief”.

The incident on Monday occurred on the same day that two men appeared in court, charged in connection with four burglaries in Kingstown during which EC$39,097 in items were stolen between Aug. 16 and 17.

5 replies on “VIDEO: Women caught on tape stealing from store in St. Vincent”

  1. One wonders what motivates such thievery. Is it greed? Is it because these ladies are unable to earn an income and so resort to unsavory means? Or is it plain disregard for other peoples property driven by a lack of pride enough to make one do without something they cant afford? I have noted, however, that these activities are on the rise in blessed Hairouna. Ah whey we ah go do?

  2. Fantastic! That’s what it takes to put a stop to all the criminal behavior in SVG. Her picture should be posted at the door to stop her from entering again and to let others know they will be caught.

    This what the government needs to do all over Kingstown. It would reduce crime by over 90 percent, if people know they are being watched.

  3. “Her picture should be posted at the door…….This what the government needs to do all over Kingstown”

    – The same government that REFUSE to release the name of an employee that stole from the Airport Company in a press conference about the issue, then made arrangement for them to “pay it back”
    – The same government that allowed that lady with over 100 charges for stealing from a government office to “sell land and pay it back” to avoid going to jail.

    – This government?

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