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Sen. Camillo Gonsalves. (IWN file photo)
Sen. Camillo Gonsalves. (IWN file photo)
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One of the three Government senators sworn in last week wants to see more women as Parliamentarians here.

Three men – Jomo Thomas, Luke Browne, and Camillo Gonsalves – were sworn in as senators for the ruling Unity Labour Party last week.

And Gonsalves, son of Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, in his maiden address to parliament highlight the disproportionate ratio among the sexes.

Of the nine Opposition parliamentarians, only one – Senator Vynnette Frederick – is female.

On the government side, where there are eight elected MPs, four senators and the Attorney General, only the AG, Judith Jones-Morgan and Minister of Education and Deputy Prime Minister, Girlyn Miguel are females.

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The Clerk of the House is also female.

Sen. Gonsalves told Parliament that he understand that the original meaning of the word senate is “a body of wise, old men”.

“Speaking of the original word of senator — of wise old men, it is unfortunate that on both sides — Honourable Prime Minister, Honourable Leader of the Opposition — that we seem to have taken that to heart, because there are so few women in the Parliament, as currently constituted,” Sen. Gonsalves said.

“I am sure that the Honourable Sen. Frederick would love to look across the aisle and see many more women on this side of the aisle, as would the Honourable Member for Marriaqua (Miguel), as would the Honourable Attorney General, as would I.

“When we look in the audience, in the strangers’ gallery, we see an almost even balance of men and women,” the senator further observed.

“But that is not reflected in the Parliament. And I would hate the young ladies who are here from school to think that the Parliament is not something to which they can aspire,” he said in reference to a student of the Central Leeward Secondary School who came to Parliament to observe the proceedings.

“And I hope that both of us also give some thought to that other constitutional provision that was defeated: to have at least a minimum number, or for representational purposes, of women in the Parliament,” Gonsalves further said.

5 replies on “Gov’t senator wants to see more women in Parliament”

  1. “I am sure that the Honourable Sen. Frederick would love to look across the aisle and see many more women on this side of the aisle.” – I think she would more love an apology for the nasty comments such as going away as a girl and coming back as a boy.

    Just tell us what you and the government doing to address the situation, not what the opposition should be doing, enough with the talk talk talk. We are expecting alot from you sir, don’t let us down so early.

  2. We appreciate Sen. Camilla Gonsalves’ statement “Gov’t senator wants to see more women in Parliament” and looking forward for his “keen ear and an open mind” with reference to women issues in our Vincentian society as they arise. I am sure that there are smart, experienced and educated women in our society who feel marginalize that they were not considered or given an opportunity to serve in the Senator at this time.
    However, our men in leadership role and all other levers of society especially those of that “body of wise, old men” needs to be re-educated in reference to the roles that women are capable of playing within our SVG society.

  3. I admire Camillo’s criticism of the absence of quality women from political life. He probably doesn’t know that most women are leaving SVG claiming refugee status in other countries, because of the way they are treated. However his point is well taken.
    This is just the beginning for Camillo. The deck has been cleared so he can outshine all others and he has started, by being critical of his own father. Can you imagine any other person making such statements? Not in Ralph’s government. But his son can and will, because he has to show the competition is lacking in ideas to improve certain aspects of Vincentian society.
    I would warn him to stay away from the Queen. His father didn’t win on that issue and he will also fail if he tries to bring it back. He’s not even a true Vincentian and he’s telling us how our society should be constituted. His navel string is not buried anywhere in SVG and he should never forget that. In my own country they call me foreign. I wonder what they will call Camillo.

  4. I get tired of hearing these guys talk. What is he telling us this for? didn’t his father just pick 2 new Senators, why didn’t he tell him about this idea before now, or doesn’t his father listen to him?. Jomo or Luke could have relax and given a space to a woman, it wasn’t even hard to do, if you wanted to see more women in polictics Gonsalves Jr, you could have used one of the senator seat.

    Sick and tired of talking and no action. I put it to you Mr. Gonsalves Junior that this is nothing more than a call for women support on the coming next election. And I am also putting it to you that this call will fall on deaf ears. Under the ULP rule crimes against women has risen to the moon, SVG now rape capital of the world, women are now selling their bodies more than ever, victimization against women who don’t support the party and the list goes on. SVG deserves a new kind of politics, a kind fair kind of politics, we do not have or need a Pharoah or King to dictate and put his mouth in everything. SO JUST RELAX GONSALVES JUNIOR.

    Don’t follow your father with talking without action, Vincentians are tired of words now, words cannot full hungry bellies.

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