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Why has a strong Union become week and a virtual non-entity under the ULP Marxist led government.

Remember the hard line they took against the NDP? Why is it OK for the ULP to shaft them but not the NDP? Why are they supporting this government who has done all it can to destroy the Union and many of its members? Has there been a conspiracy to allow the ULP to destroy the fabric of the UNIONS. Accepting 1.5 per cent instead of the 30 per cent promised in 2001.

The Union has allowed all sorts of nasty Acts and Bills to pass through parliament under the ULP, without so much as a murmur. Many times worse than anything the NDP ever did, or even proposed. Why? Well I believe that it may well be to be part of the comradeship and common political belief shared between Union leaders and the Marxist-led ULP government. It may well be the meeting of heads, or should we say the meeting of scum, that integration of their political beliefs allows such behaviour by such a disgusting government, and dare I say a disgusting Union.

Instead of having solidarity between the Union and its membership, they have sold out the membership for solidarity with the government. Then having done that have been completely commandeered by the government to the detriment of its members. Perhaps worse than that, to the detriment of the countries citizens, an unpatriotic action to say the very least.

Being patriotic to one man, or Marxism, or the ULP is not the same as being a Vincentian patriot, in fact in this case it means the exact opposite.

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Press release
From the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Public Service Union
24 April 2000

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The St Vincent and the Grenadines Public Service Union (PSU) hereby seeks to update or to inform you of the latest struggle with which we are now involved.

Brief background

In 1992 the Government enacted legislation which removed the privilege from all Public Sector (Civil Servants, Teachers, Police and Nurses) of a gratuity and pension from the consolidated fund of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

In 1998 government introduced a bill to parliament which sought to pay senators a gratuity. The general public protested and a committee headed by Dr Dwight Venner, Governor of the East Caribbean Central Bank, was set up to look into the salaries and pension arrangements of Parliamentarians. The committee reported in 1999. The recommendations of the committee included issues relative to higher salaries, integrity legislation, a committee to review the salaries of public servants and a bill to enhance pensions and gratuities for parliamentarians.

This bill was presented to parliament in March 1999 and was read twice despite protest of Parliament, mounted by PSU and other interest groups. A select committee was set up to look at the bill. The committee reported within four (4) weeks and the bill was then taken back to parliament on April 19, 2000.


On April 19, 2000, PSU, St Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers’ Union (SVGTU), The Nurses’ Association, and other interest groups mounted a large demonstration outside Parliament in opposition to the bill. The Government ignored the Voice of the People and proceeded to pass the bill. The Unions met subsequently and took the firm decision to ask the government to resign or actions will be taken to achieve this objective.

To date actions are taking place in some key sectors of the economy, including the hospitals, prisons and the main E T Joshua Airport. The actions planned will be intensified until our objectives are met.

We anticipate a hard struggle and is soliciting your solidarity.

Lanceford Weekes

Isn’t it time to oust the Marxist’s, the ULP, and the Union leaders? Isn’t it time to flush the scum?

Peter Binose
Self Appointed Keeper of the Whistle.

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