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Independence Message from the Democratic Republican Party

Anesia O. Baptiste.
Anesia O. Baptiste.

Sons and Daughters of Liberty, as we continue to reflect on our 34th year of independence from British colonial rule, the Democratic Republican Party (DRP) greets you with best wishes for the preservation of our inalienable rights and freedoms under our Constitution. Independence was about daring to do and doing what many thought was not feasible, would be too difficult and therefore not advised. Yet, our leaders then, dared to doand we became independent in 1979. We have even gone past these questions to hold national discussions on moving from Independence to republican status, in the period leading up to the 2009 Referendum elections. It is safe to say that this is as a result of our natural freedoms and our need to preserve and to strengthen them as we grow older as a country.

The DRP presents itself as the answer to the people’s cry for NEW HOPE and the TRUE ALTERNATIVE to what passes for governance in our country today. We are positioned with the right philosophical underpinnings to genuinely guarantee the protection of God-given rights and freedoms of ALL Vincentians, which would ensure our true independence as a nation. Founded by Anesia Baptiste, the DRP believes in Democracy as a scientific method of electing government, where majority rules. More significantly however, we also believes in Republicanism — a philosophy of governance that emphasizes respect for and protection of the inalienable and inviolable rights and freedoms of ALL of the people (majority and minority). The DRP believes in PEOPLE’S PARTICIPATORY POWER and stands on the watch words LIBERTY, EQUALITY and DEVELOPMENT. These are the fundamental principles we believe will propel SVG’s development, morally, spiritually, socially and economically.

Under our Domestic Development Plan the DRP will set up a Ministry of Domestic Development. This plan will base the country’s development on the protection of Rights and Freedoms of ALL. Our eyes will be single towards protecting people’s rights and freedoms in every move we make. Therefore, to protect the right to private property we will roll out plans that ensure:

• Freedom of Entrepreneurship.

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• Freedom of Investment

• Freedom of Education (including technical and other skills training)

• Freedom from Government Bureaucracy or red tape

• Freedom from Political and other types of Victimization

The DRP will also embark on an Investment Partnership Strategy which would involve two partners: The Vincentian Investor/Entrepreneur (including the Diaspora) and Foreign Investors. Through the establishment of Business alliances with Foreign Friends, current and future, we will invite trainers to provide entrepreneurship training for the average Vincentian but this training will be specific and strategic. It will be training into the right kind of businesses for economic growth. A key policy of the DRP in all this would be to ensure that in any major investment thrust, such as oil exploration, for example, Vincentians, including the Diaspora, must have the opportunity to own shares therein.

To protect our people’s right to life, we have a CRIME PLAN including:

• The protection of the person and property,

• Addressing domestic violence,

• Eradicating white collar crimes or corruption,

• Implementing policies to strengthen the family and

• The rehabilitation of criminals, including training them in entrepreneurial skills, resulting in work for earnings to be used in restitution in some cases.

Our HEALTH PLAN for enhancing the right to life will include

• Provision of adequate supply of medication at hospitals and community clinics,

• Encouraging of the use of local fruits and vegetables as drugs and medicine for prevention and cure of diseases and

• Sourcing rapid response vehicles (such as air ambulances or helicopters).

In Agriculture our plan includes:

• Maximizing the use of local fruits & vegetables for export.

-For example. Juices, jams and jellies, dried fruits and other produce for export-fruit flavored water.

• Pursuing non-chemical and non-GMO growing of vegetables in our rich volcanic soil, for EU and other markets.

Many of our plans will be realized through a foreign policy operations founded on the following beliefs:

• The right to self-determination of all countries –for example the Republic of China on Taiwan

• The freedom of ALL from persecution and discrimination-including Christian and other ethnic and religious minorities in both the Eastern and Western Hemispheres

In it all, the DRP’s priorities are:

• The protection of the economic rights of Vincentians everywhere and at every time

• No transgression of the rights and freedoms of any

• The promotion of Republicanism (i.e. protection of rights and freedoms of ALL) through Democracy

Under DRP Government, never again will SVG see the persecution of religious people for their simple freedom of conscience, as in the days of the 1912 Shakerism Prohibition Ordinance. The DRP will ensure there is no law to enforce any religious teaching, prohibit any religion or protect any religion above another. All religions will exist freely without government interference and the DRP will only pass laws to strengthen freedom of conscience, freedom of speech, the press and information accordingly.

Sons and Daughters of Liberty, this Democratic Republican Party (DRP) is the essence of Independence; not afraid to dare to do when some may say it is impossible and will not work. Remember, many a great invention and successful innovations today were looked upon as insane at the time of their first proposal. This DRP has great and workable ideas and we are open to everyone or inclusive, thereby allowing us to recruit the best brains, skilled in various fields, to get the job done. Free from the bonds of unprogressive tradition, free of the fear of trying, the DRP encourages you to embrace your independence by joining us and freely supporting new hope from service to the people in genuine change in governance in SVG. May God help us, bless us and keep us ever free. Happy Independence 2013!

Anesia O. Baptiste
Founder & Leader
Democratic Republican Party (DRP)

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One reply on “New hope from service to the people”

  1. Andrew Simmons says:

    Well said, Mrs. Baptiste. I wish you and your party all the best in your endeavors. I have been listening and observing you for the past year or so and I must admit that I am very impressed – especially through this Independence message!


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