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The International Airport Development company (IADC) says it is continuing its awareness work to ensure that all sectors of the Vincentian society are ready to embrace the Argyle international airport, which is scheduled to be completed late next year.

The IADC will hosts the fourth in a series of town hall meetings, which it says is geared at stimulating thought and action as persons are encouraged to be prepared to embrace the international airport.

This upcoming meeting takes place at the Rose Hall Primary School, on Nov. 20 at 7 p.m., under the theme: “Preparing to embrace our international airport”.

The IADC says it is inviting residents of Rose Hall and surrounding areas, including Chateaubelair and Fitz Hughes to attend the meeting.

Facilitators will include Dr. Rudy Matthias, CEO and chair of the IADC, who will focus on investment opportunities in and around the airport; Stina Herberg, head of Richmond Vale Academy, who will focus on the beautification and preservation of the environment; Selwin Patterson, president of the Rose Hall Cultural and Development Organization, will focus on sustainable community tourism; and a representative from the Ministry of Agriculture, fisheries and Industry will look at the impact that the international airport is likely to have on those sectors.

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Presentations will be followed by questions and general discussion. There will also be a cultural performance by the Rose Hall Cultural and Development Organisation.

The IADC says that it sees it as essential that people are made aware of what is expected of them and offer some guidance as to how to proceed so that they are in a better position to take advantage of the opportunities which will come from the operation of an international airport in this country, and is taking the lead in this regard.

Town hall meetings have been held in Kingstown, Stubbs and Sandy Bay.

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  1. They still havn’t paid 60 farmers for their land that was taken for the airport, what a disgusting bunch of bandits.

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