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Police are investigating an incident in which five persons received were shot after a football match at the Cane End Playing Field on Sunday.

The Police Public Relations and Complaints Department said on Monday that Omarie Thomas, 16, of Freeland, Mesopotamia was wounded on his right leg while Oranique Mc Kenzie, a 16-year-old, student of Mt. Pleasant was wounded on his left arm.

Travis Mapp, 18, of Evesham was wounded in his back, while Nicholas James, 34, of Mesopotamia, was wounded on his left hand and Cassanique Dowers, 23, of Sayers, was grazed in the back.

Police say that Mapp and Thomas were taken to the hospital.

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One reply on “Five men shot and injured after football match”

  1. These referees are getting more and more power on the field, what on earth was he doing with a gun, he could of just held up a yellow card.

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