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Shooting: Investigations are ongoing into the circumstances surrounding the shooting of Michael Thomas, 23, a farmer of Greiggs, which occurred at Greiggs on Nov. 1713. Reports are that Thomas sustained a gunshot wound to the back of his head, inflicted by an assailant.

Theft: On Nov. 17, Darryl Cambridge, 27, a labourer of Cane Garden, Kenique Durrant, 15 years and Shasta John, 16 years, both of Diamond were arrested and charged jointly with the theft of a quantity of ladies, shoes and other items valued at CAN$3,169.50, US$611, 25 pounds sterling and EC$95, the property of Rashell Phillips, of Cane Garden, stolen at Cane Garden, between Oct. 26 and Nov. 15.

Burglary: On Nov. 17, Garvet Foster, 31, unemployed of Green Hill was arrested and charged with (i) burglarizing the dwelling house of Bradley and Endrist Medica, both of Golden Vale and stealing items valued at $5,300.00 Ecc, (ii) unlawfully and maliciously wounding Bradley Medica, by striking him on his head with a gun and (iii) assaulting Endrist Medica, causing him actual bodily harm, at Golden Vale on Oct. 31.

Robbery/Assault: On Nov.16, Preben Lyttle, 27, a labourer of New Montrose, was arrested and charged with (i) robbing Fitzborne Scarborough of New Montrose of a quantity of items valued EC$4,490. Lyttle was also charged with assaulting Scarborough, by striking him on his chest (ii) robbing Lieesha Edwards of one BlackBerry cellular phone, valued at $700, and (iii) with intent to commit the offence of robbery, on Morvilla Muckette of New Montrose, at New Montrose on July 6.

Vehicular accident: The Police are investigating a motor vehicular accident involving motor vehicle PN-564, driven by Romancia Robertson of Twenty Hill, and motor vehicle P-3849, owned and driven by Kendall Sampson of North Union, which occurred at Biabou public road on Nov. 15. Karin Sampson, 12, and Zarina Sampson, 16, both of Greiggs and passengers in P-3849, sustained minor injuries about their bodies and were treated at the Biabou Health Clinic and discharged.

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Threats/Assualt: On 16.11.13, St. Clair Badnock, 53, tour guide of Old Montrose, was arrested and charged with (i) maliciously uttering threats on the lives of Gordon Shallow and members of his family, of Carapan. Badnock was further charged with unlawfully assaulting Shallow, at Old Montrose on Nov. 15.

(Compiled by Police Public Relations & Complaints Dept.)

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  1. Pat Robinson Commissiong says:

    Dear IWitness News, I notice that you are now getting releases from the Police Public Relations ad Complaints Department. Apparently you have lately graduated to the ranks of News Media. Congratulations!!!

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