Empress Modupe Olufunmi Jacobs wants PM Gonsalves to welcome 10,000 Haitians to SVG.

A naturalised Vincentian who was born in Haiti says that Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves should allow about 10,000 Haitians — some 10 per cent of the population of St. Vincent and the Grenadines — to move to this country legally.

“Honestly, I don’t think more than 10 per cent of your population would hurt you … Would it hurt to have 10,000 Haitians here?” Empress Modupe Olufunmi Jacobs, who married a born Vincentian in 2008 told I-Witness News.

Jacobs spoke to I-Witness News about the ruling by the constitutional Court in the Dominican Republic that denies citizenship to persons of foreign parentage — mostly Haitians — born in the Spanish-speaking nation after 1929.

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves has been very critical of the ruling and has written two letters to President of the Dominican Republic, Danilo Medina, asking that his government address the situation.

Gonsalves has also called for what amounts to the diplomatic isolation of Santo Domingo, until the issue is resolved.

Jacobs told I-Witness News that she did a documentary some time ago, in which Gonsalves said that in order to assist the people of Haiti, he is sure that some Vincentians, including himself, would welcome a few Haitians into their families.

“I don’t think that is such a bad idea,” Jacobs said, but added, “… some will argue that we are going to take work from Vincentians and so on and so forth.

“I beg to differ,” she, however, said. “I think we will contribute a lot to this country, if a few more of us are admitted legally,” she told I-Witness News.

Meanwhile, Jacobs described the court ruling as “unjust”.

“To me, that type of ruling marks the beginning of an OK for those ultranationalist in the Dominican Republic to start their witch-hunt against Haitians,” she said, noting that the two countries, which share the island of Hispaniola, have had their moments of “being united against foreign oppressors against the French and the Spaniards, and even the US”.

She, however, note that the two country have also had “a historical division with the migration of Haitian … agricultural labourers, to the Dominican Republic from the time of the American occupation.

“And you find there has always been some resentment against Haitians claiming any rights in the Dominican Republic…” said Jacobs, who left Haiti for the United States in 1965, when she was 9 years old, and last returned in 1980.

“The other thing is that really disturbing too is being able to just locate a community of Haitians and, from since that ruling, have Dominicans themselves single them out for mob attacks.

“Any little crime that is happening in the Dominican Republic is attributed to Haitians, like a recent murder of two elderly couple in a town have them witch-hunting for Haitians.

“Since this ruling, I believe several hundreds Haitians have already been deported to Haiti,” she told I-Witness News.

“The ruling opens up the way for witch hunts against Haitians, it opens up the way for the US to have intervention and to have excuse again.”

She further said the ruling is “a crime” because the persons of Haitian descent born in the Dominican Republic who are at risk of being sent to Haitian have money and homes in the Dominican Republic.

“I hear of instances where people who are born there, who don’t even speak Creole, don’t even speak French, just get thrown off the land, sent across the border; instances of babies being separated from their mother,” Jacobs said.

But she was also critical of the Haitian government– citing the allegations of corruption, and of CARICOM — saying that some members of the regional bloc also have negative attitudes towards Haitians.

Jacobs told I-Witness News that the efforts by Gonsalves and CARICOM “are noble”.

“It would help if CARICOM had any teeth. Can CARICOM countries or will CARICOM nations agree to take economic sanctions against the Dominican Republic, where it would really hurt.

“I know we are not military nations, so we won’t forcibly, and I wont even suggest that, the invasion of one country, of the next, or CARICOM even thinking in terms of that,” Jacobs told I-Witness News.

Jacobs was also not pleased with the attitude of some CARICOM nations to Haiti, which is also a member of the 15-member regional grouping.

She noted the recent case in which Haitian Rachel Lalanne was made to pay US$100 for a visa in Barbados to allow her to transit there, en route to St. Vincent.

“Why did she have to pay that one hundred US? … Anywhere we go on a Haitian passport, you can bet somebody is going to try to shake us down. We are the pariah. Haiti has never been forgiven for being a people who stand up for their rights,” Jacobs said.

“Caribbean nations are no different than African nations who think Africans born in the diaspora are not African. So, Caribbean nations, very much colonised by their colonial masters, still see themselves as those colonial bodies and they have prejudices against one another.

“It’s that same prejudice. Nobody wants Haitians unless they can exploit their labour; nobody wants Haitians there unless they can, basically, use them.

“I think it is this fear. Wherever we are, … we have a strong sense of self, we have a great work ethic; wherever we go, we work with the least we have to make the best and some people don’t like that.

She spoke of the comments of some Vincentians after the earthquake that devastated Haiti in 2010.

“When that earthquake hit, that’s when I started seeing Vincentian prejudice against Haitian, because of the things I heard coming out of people’s mouth.

“They were repeating the same things [American televangelist] Pat Robertson was saying: ‘It’s your evil, it’s the voodoo, it’s the backwardness, it’s the ungodliness that make you all suffer so much’,” Jacobs recounted.

“I have met a small percentage [of Vincentians] that to this day have this things about Haitians being tied to some sort of occult practise and … that wherever we go, we arrive their through some sinister method.”

Jacobs told I-Witness News that pressure should be brought on the United States government regarding its policies towards Haiti and the Dominican Republic, regarding “US companies that are placed in these countries that exploit labour”.

She was also critical of US immigration policy toward Haiti, saying, “… the US discriminates greatly against the migration of Haitians since the 60s when they took out the brain drain and the most skilled of Haitians.

“Their policy has totally reversed regarding Haitians coming as migrants…” Jacobs said.

Jacobs said that she has worked with Haitian expats in the United States, and has remained close to her country although she has not returned there for 33 years, after the response to her a Rastafarian during her last trip there.

She has also lived in St. Lucia and Grenada.

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27 replies on “PM Gonsalves urged to admit 10,000 Haitian migrants to SVG”

      1. nzimbka sergeant says:

        as a black woman i love all black people haitian no diffrent but it is not possiable for st vincen t to acomadate 10,000 of any nation our economy cant aford that not right now .people must think b4 the talk i understand u want better for ur people they are my people too but it make no sence to did a hole to full a hole .NO sorry not svg.

      2. yes Haiti have been through a lot of due to natural disasters etc. but come on lets come to what is facts and what is just being plain dumb blind and stupid…look at st Vincent and the grenadines? First acknowledge the fact that SVG is not a COUNTRY it is an ISLAND (a piece of land surrounded by water). SVG is suffering financially poor people can’t send their child/children to school every day, businesses are closing down due to financial problems, hospital is crying out for medications, unemployment is on a rapid increase because one people are being laid off too businesses find it hard to hire people because they are not bringing in enough finance…everybody is crying out financially not only in SVG but in the wider world as well… the Syrians and Chinese all already overtaking little SVG, people could barely afford to buy piece of land much less build their own home, they could barely buy a home, crimes is on a rapid increase because people are frustrated that they can’t get jobs /money to maintain themselves much less their families and so many other reasons why crime is on the increase,where are you going to put these people to live if the gov’t decides to bring them? in the low-income houses that vincentians could barely afford..WOW, where you gonna find Jobs to provide these people with? are you willing to buy medications for these people when they get sick because we all know how it goes with Our dearly beloved hospital when it comes to medications etc. the fact is SVG is not develop enough to bring in such a crowd of people besidesask empress where her children at? you think they here suffering like we poor people maybbbe you living a great life where you eating off a plater but if there is any sort of diginity and pride and if your have common sense and some sort of heart come down off your high horse and think about the people who barely making it in SVG. bringing 10,000 haitians is total rubbish

  1. Jason just shows what a dimwit you are. Everyone of them would vote for Gonsalves when the occasion arose, when they were clear to do so. Just settle them in constituancies that need some ULP padding and ‘hey presto’.

  2. empress modupe olufunmi-jacobs says:

    Well!!!! Jason, may I ask if you think the 10,000 Haitians I suggested be allowed here would be coming penniless, and dirt poor? Knowing my people, I know that at least 1/10th of that 10,000 would come here with enough wealth to purchase land,create businesses, employ Vincentians, and invest their capital into the nation they would be calling home. . Further, that 1/10th am sure would not turn their backs on the rest of those migrants coming with them, so food, clothing and shelter would be provided for them. Am I “coo coo in the head”? I dunno!!! since you have a degree in Psychology and are perhaps have a practice here in SVG, I would be willing to undergo an evaluation; but you have to agree to one too. When we get the results for both evaluations, then you and I can continue our conversation. Bro Kenton X, I thank you for taking the time to publish my thoughts on the matter discussed. For clarity sake, please note that I stated it is a minority of Vincentians that I have observed which still hold a negative view of Haitians. For the most part, Vincentians who know the History of Haiti and have interacted with Haitians, have a more positive attitute towards Haitians. Now, whether or not they would be willing to tolerate a small wave of Haitian migration, that’s another story as expressed above by Jason. Finally, I have never lived in Granada; I have visited during the 1st anniversary of the people’s revolution and remained a few months as a guest of then PM Maurice Bishop and the people of Grenada. The plight of Dominican Haitians is only the tip of the iceberg when we consider crimes against humanity. On both sides of the island the people are faced with economic and political oppression, homelessness, inadequate or no health care, violence against children and women, sexual exploitation, and limited freedom of expression. Further, unless one can critically examine the roots of today’s problems in Haiti and DR, these racist judicial rulings of the DR Courts, based on petty prejudices and even xenophobia will continue to prevail as rule of law. It’s only when international communities take an interest in the affairs of their neighbors, finding commonalities among the people and their struggles can we begin to make a difference and transform the wrongs to rights. Again, much thanks for your efforts.

  3. She is ONE Haitian in SVG who has probably been more involved and done more for inhabitants of that nation than many of the native born. Imagine an influx of this productive spirit. It’s not just dropping Haitians off on the island. A plan would surely be involved.
    Few seem to know the merits of being good neighbors. Here is opportunity to forge alliance for the future. Is there issue with housing and feeding thousands of foreign tourists? I wonder if they are more cherished and valued than refugees who very well could be distant cousins and share a common past and present. Both were slave nations and under colonial rule(French in particular) and SVG has had thousands of it’s inhabitants deported to other lands by the British. Both nations have been plagued by natural disasters and such… WHo better than St. Vincent to aid?

  4. Like other people, Haitians have the right to apply for residence in St. Vincent. Those who can make a positive economic and social contribution to the country should be encouraged to come here. But we simply cannot afford the burden of 10,000 refugees when we have so many internal Vincentian economic refugees of our own.

  5. Here is ONE Haitian in St. Vincent who has probably been more involved and done more for inhabitants of that nation than many of the native born. Imagine an influx of this productive spirit. It’s not just dropping Haitians off on the island. A plan would surely be involved.
    Few seem to know the merits of being good neighbors. Here is opportunity to forge alliance for the future. Is there issue with housing and feeding thousands of foreign tourists? I wonder if they are more cherished and valued than refugees who very well could be distant cousins and share a common past and present. Both were slave nations and under colonial rule(French in particular) and SVG has had thousands of it’s inhabitants deported to other lands by the British. Both nations have been plagued by natural disasters and such… WHo better than St. Vincent to aide?

  6. Its good to help, but who is going to pay the cost of doing the health checks, which is absolutely necessary in any immigration situation? SVG have their own situations to deal with. I am sure there are other less drastic options. JUST SAYING.

  7. Not a bad idea, considering the number of lazy unproductive people that we have in this country, everyday, just wasting their life on the block. The agriculture sector is one area that needs a productive labour force. We should think about a temporary arrangement for now, contracting Haitians similar to the Canadian Farm Workers Program to work in the agriculture sector.

  8. Could you imagine I post this on my facebook page this morning only to see this woman making this foolish suggestion.

    “To my Haitian friends in the USA and other counteies outside Haiti.

    You managed to escape the suffering of your country. why are you now indulging in extravagance while your country men at home suffers? How could you guys forget where you came from? Can’t you remember the days when you wish that someone will help you;? Don’t you think there are people who are wishing that you do for them? Someone to satisfy for them the wish you had back then?

    Yahweh God did not deliver you from your suffering and hardship to be come an American, or an Englishman, or a citizens of your host nation. But Yahweh brought you out of the poverty and suffering so you can help your people. Not just your family members but as much as your Haitian community that you can.. Do onto others as you will have them do to you.”

    Is this woman for real, Why do you think the Dominican Republic is trying to get the rid of those Haitians. As long as there is a settlement of Haitian any way, then they start coming in by the droves. S.V.G has an unemployment rate that is enormous, scarce housing, a crumbling health care system, and limited agricultural land.

    The economy of SVG could hardly carry the every growing population, the health care system is already over burdened, our imports have dwindle, we are spending more money on imports than we collect on exports.

    I know every where is better than Haiti and the condition that this lady is enjoying in SVG is much better than that which she was enjoying in Haiti. But what she is asking is for the people of SVG to be put at a worst position then they are currently at and to create a Haiti like living condition in SVG. because 10,000.00 more people will surely send us into a Haiti like conditions.

    Do you know what it takes for such to happen. the planning, the budgeting, creating employment to accommodate such, put infrastructure to do the same. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  9. My immediate response to accepting 10 000 Haitians to SVG was “HELL NO!” However upon second thought, if these displaced Haitians will and can bring capital and expertise to the Vincentian economy by all means accept them. The question remains: If the Vincentian PM is to put his money where his mouth is, what criteria will be put in place to determine who gets legal temporary/permanent residency in SVG? If a system is to be put in place to accept the most able-body Haitians, would vincentians not be labeled as classist/opportunist capitalizing on the unfortunate circumstances of a disenfranchise people by selecting the best of the lot for there own benefit? In all fairness the Vincentian economy cannot handle an influx of economic refugees as it is in its current state of fragility.

  10. Just read this story that is post on I-Witness News
    PM Gonsalves urged to admit 10,000 Haitian migrants to SVG

    My opinion not a good idea, shore we can fine other ways to help. But wait the UK have give millions to Haiti and other countries have given them money where all this money went I will like to know. The UK alone give £107 million which was raise by the people and the government of the UK.

  11. empress modupe olufunmi-jacobs says:

    It is so wonderful that i could invoke such passion about Haitian migration to SVG or any other part of the earth for that matter.To all those who oppose my suggestion that SVG welcome 10,000 Haitians to its shores; you are within your rights to disagree with me. This is after all your country. However, you do not have the right to make any assumptions about me, based on your own personal prejudices towards Haitians, nor your obvious Xenophobia. For the record I am first and foremost a woman of African descent, therefore my world view is global. Although I am Haitian born, I consider myself and African, I am a pan-Africanist, not a micro-nationalist. Mr./Ms.? Allan Palmer, your statements are prejudicial and only based on your lack of information and i dare say ignorant assumptions about Haitians. You do not know me nor my family to make such remarks as: “You managed to escape the suffering of your country. why are you now indulging in extravagance while your country men at home suffers? How could you guys forget where you came from? Can’t you remember the days when you wish that someone will help you;? Don’t you think there are people who are wishing that you do for them? Someone to satisfy for them the wish you had back then?….But Yahweh brought you out of the poverty and suffering so you can help your people. Not just your family members but as much as your Haitian community that you can… ”
    Allan, What do you know about my life in Haiti and my subsequent departure from Haiti? Unless you worked for the U.S. State Department or the Duvalier regime,, if you were not a friend or family member, you would have no clue as to why and how i left Haiti. I am also puzzled at your statement regarding my “extravagance”. Please, tell me what extravagance I am indulging in, as you seem to know more about my life here in St. Vincent than I do. How dare you invoke the name of Yahweh, in this discussion; you must consider yourself my spiritual advisor. Further, if you knew anything about me or my life, you would not make such remarks. I really don’t need to defend my position with respect to being Haitian and living in diaspora. Those who are family and friends know that although I am not in Haiti, I still identify with my Afro- Haitian roots wherever I travel and/or live. My separation from the land of my birth has not hampered my ability to “remember” and “…do for them…”.
    I live here in St. Vincent with my spouse, my last two children and my aged mother. Since, you seem to be well informed about my past in Haiti, I am sure you would also know enough of my present life in the country; to know that your statement here makes you in my estimation a bigot when you say : ” ..Is this woman for real, Why do you think the Dominican Republic is trying to get the rid of those Haitians. As long as there is a settlement of Haitian any way, then they start coming in by the droves. S.V.G has an unemployment rate that is enormous, scarce housing, a crumbling health care system, and limited agricultural land…” you must be the Vincentian Archie Bunker. Unfortunately, those problems you identified above are not unique to St. Vincent; the only distinction is the population size and its willingness to be part or a solution instead of being the cause of said problems.
    Finally, i cannot believe that you actually are living outside of St. Vincent, probably, UK, Canada or U.S., and talking about Haitians coming in droves anywhere. I see how Vincentians cry “murdaaaaa!!!!” when the Canadian, U.S. and British gov’t refuse them visas. imagine, how they feel about allowing a “wave” of Vincentian migration to these counries?. SMFH!!! just curious to know Allan how it feels when a Vincentian is illegally living in those countries? is it any different from Haitians in the Dominican Republic or in St. Vincent? I invite you to come spend a day or two with me when you come to Vincy for a visit. Maybe then, you will overstand the context in which i suggested that St. Vincent could tolerate 10,000 Haitians. the majority of us may be poor in terms of material possesions, but we have a wealth of creative energy, determination, faith and courage to overcome all stumbling blocks by making them into stepping stones and building blocks.
    Meet you at the cross roads.

  12. ah see dis empress lady lick up she head somewhere when she thought of such a idea….we as vincentians done finding it hard to get jobs, find somewhere to live etc and she chat bout bringing in 10,000 Haitians…..what the government and immigration needs to do is revoke her damn citizenship and send her go meet her haitians jumbies dem…..Vincy full of sins already and we are not asking for anymore and where the hell she going put those 10,000 haitians? where she gonna find jobs for them? what she want the government to bring them in to try and over take little SVG for vincentians to suffer more? SVG is not a develop island like those big develop countries such as America china etc….woman come off your high horse and come back down to reality it aint gonna happen and would never happen….it looks like the devil tells you a lot of things to come harass little SVG…..what will become of SVG if this is to happen….Vincentians will find even harder to get Jobs…..Crimes will increase even more and need I go on….i think this empress lady need to go to the doctor and check on her head because it seems like her brain ah malfunction

  13. Allan Standing Tall Palmer says:

    My Dear friend Mrs Jacobs,

    I will first advise you to read carefully and understand what you have read before jumping to conclusions. it will save you a log to trouble and self-inflicted pain. Now lest clear this whole thing up.

    If you read my post carefully, I started by saying that I posted this on FACEBOOK this morning then I proceed to put the content of my Facebook post below the opening statement, it will be important to notice the Facebook comment I made were in quotation marks. ” “. then I went on to give my opinion about your selfish opinion, strange comment or suggestion.

    Less you misunderstand again I will explain why I think your opinion was selfish.

    In my facebook post which are those words in ” ” on this page I was speaking to and of Haitians in the USA, England and Canada. You may not know how they live in these country, but they do live it up, you would not know for an instant that they have children, and other family members living in object poverty in Haiti.

    However, I stand by my opinion that your life style in SVG no matter how simple, is much better than what most Haitian in Haiti has and they will give anything for what you now have. am I wrong? I know I am not.

    I am also suggesting to you that your suggestion was selfish, for giving the state of the SVG economy though it appear to be better them the economy of Haiti it is not to far from it; to do as you suggested will put such a burden on the already non-existent resources of the country; St. Vincent will become just like Haiti. you are trying to create to Haiti in the Caribbean. I don’t think so.

    Well Mrs. Haitian-Vincentian sista Mrs. Jacobs, Your loyalty must now be to your adopted country, you must now protect the economy of SVG so your children can continue to enjoy the small privilege that you now enjoy. I know I am asking a lot with the loyalty bit but I know you love Vincy and want to share it with your Haitian broda and sista (brothers and sisters). Don’t worry you will be ok. Love ya sista!

  14. The average ignorant Vincentian wouldn’t grasp the conversation you’re trying to invoke in your statement. They wouldn’t even be part the process from idea to implementation or voting to even investigating the idea to see if it may be beneficial of SVG as a whole. They are very quick to form a judgmental conclusion without investigating the facts. Moreover, it is very unusual for a woman of color to stand up word for word, debate for debate and poke holes in their baseless statements. All the average ignorant Vincentian knows is NDP or ULP. They are blinded to role of SVG being a Caribbean country. Dr. Gonsalves build schools for them, send them to some of the best universities for free, and give them leadership positions, trying to really embrace them to change without losing their identity. Results = they continue to think like a turkey that has wings but cannot fly. A former PM describes it as “breadfruit” mentality.
    Has anyone mentioned the influx of Syrians, Chinese, and other nations into SVG over the years? I am sure they’ve outnumbered the 10,000 suggested immigrants.
    The average ignorant Vincentian never considers the shoe on the other foot before stating baseless facts. What they’ve accused Barbados of doing to them, they are exhibiting the behavior.
    The main reason Canada has deported a number of them and refused to grant entry without a visa is because they were exploiting a refugee system that was put in place for genuine refugees. That is how some of them see themselves as a refugee, yet willing to pass judgment on the same principle they happily embrace. How selfish!
    I am a naturalized Vincentian- and very proud of it. I’ve also lived and work legally in many other countries. Upon retirement, I will be returning to SVG to live out my days and pass whatever knowledge unto the next generation. SVG is NOT for born Vincentians- it is a Caribbean nation open to all citizens of the Caribbean.
    I would sum it up in one phrase- it is easier to be critical than to create.

    1. As a proud Vincentian, a Caribbean woman, I agree with your statement whole heartedly. ppl fail to realize that after one time is another. Today is Haiti, tomorrow might be SVG. We are too small to be small minded like that. In this era of globalisation we have to think of ourselves as one Caribbean people, not Haitians, Vincentians, Kittians, Guyanese, or bajan etc.! We are one.

  15. Allan Standing Tall Palmer says:


    Mrs. J answer these questions honestly.

    Isn’t it a fact that the larger part of the Haitian population can’t wait to get out of Haiti?

    Isn’t it a fact that they take every opportunity they can get to hitch a ride out of the country of their birth?

    isn’t it a fact that when they get out of Haiti it is almost impossible to get them out of their host country?

    Mrs. J are you willing to give up your humble life in SVG to go back to Haiti?

    There are two sides to every story, Gonsalves got involved in matters he did not fully understand where the dominican Republic and their unfair immigration laws that affected millions of Haitian who lives in DR. The Dominica Republic Government did not pass the law because the hate Haitian. They passed the law as a measure to stop or slowdown the mass immigration to that country that was taking place. and that did not even work; for to most Haitian living in Limbo in DR is better than being in Haiti. and that is just the plain old dirty facts.

    You as well as I know that my statement of Haitian moving into country in droves is nothing but the truth. Yes I am living in the USA. and Yes I cam here on a Visitors Visa but I am telling you and every Vincentian or anyone else this. I never spend an illegal day in the USA. Never. My principles my law enforcement back ground will not allow me to.

    I have nothing against Haitians but I will not allow anyone guilt tripping me in to curbing my truthful opinion.

    The truth is a hard pill to swallow but it is the way to self realization. Madam J. I will see you when I get to Vincy. I want some good Haitian cooking; You though you were going to throw out an invite to me and I reject it. ha ha ha . Love ya my Vincy Sista.

    PS. p;ease forgive the grammatical and other errors. lol

  16. Gonsalves cannot feed, medicate and find work for Vincentians, never mind Haitians.

    Ten thousand Haitians could come to SVG, but there are thousands of Vincentians living below the poverty line already, hidden by embroidered statistics, but they are there.

    Instead of bringing these people here, help them there, people only leave their own country as a last resort, everyone loves their place of birth.

    Gonsalves should simply send EC$4 million a month in aid, that’s only a EC$100 dollars a person a week. It would cost SVG far less than bringing 10,000 here feeding, housing, and paying for medical treatment for them.

    In fact if there is anything left from the bag or perhaps bags of US cash that comes here for share out, let the keeper of the purse put that into helping these people also.

  17. Its quite notacible when some people gets stupid others get even more stupid gonsalves got stupid as usual now this woman and others are getting more stupid anyone fail to notice that svg is ranking just above said Haiti as far as the economy goes what are we going to offer these people when we take them in are their lives going to get much better than in their own country where most countries are pumping money to try and assist them ? WHERE IS THE INFERSTRUCTURE IN SVG TO TAKE ON THIS SUDDEN Influx of poor or poorer people ?Vincentians today live mostly from Money gran and Western union ,gonsalves and some others have a big mouth but why are the so ready to help others while our own is no better off than the Haitians .But yes election season is ahead its time to say yes to anything that may divide the people and help them to forget the hardships you have laden them with.

  18. but wait this man above talking about we vincentians ignorant u must a natural person born jackass….you must be come from africa its tru syrians and chinese taking us over so why […] should haitians come to our little country to do wat over take the little vincentians we might be judgmental and ignorant…but it seems like u seems like ur brain and ass which places…

  19. I see some referring to these people as simply Haitian and talking about Haiti. Even mentioning money Haiti received in the past as if that would handle current economic woes of those displaced. I don’t even know what that has to do with this issue… Just a reminder, these people we’re speaking of aren’t simply Haitian. They are of Haitian descent but in the Dominican Republic. Many don’t speak creole, have never been to Haiti nor do they have any family there. To say they belong in Haiti, would be comfortable there since it’s their birthplace or they’re life wouldn’t be much different in SVG than in Haiti is erroneous. Many might not identify as Haitian. To them they’re “nationality” is(or was) Dominican.
    It’s hard to find work and survive in the US even… yet people flock here. Should I espouse the same views and sentiments as the right wing bigots here and tell you all to go back, stop working here and sending the money back home because? Do the staunch naysayers agree to that? Seems it’s a very similar situation.
    Too many islands and nationalities though its one diaspora & one struggle(ideally to be carried by all) really and it seems many have only one view of Haitians or their circumstances. lmao. Many of those coming from DR or any other part of the diaspora could be wealthy business owners, skilled tradespeople, artists, educators, care givers etc. It’s reasonable to think that if they went to SVG or other caribbean islands they could create work for themselves and MIGHT give somebody a job! lol or at least do the work others won’t do. This solution might not seem pretty but neither is their situation. It just needs the right plan and implementation.

  20. Empress, please do not waste any more of your energy with some of the people who speak nasty to you and in a negative way because that is all that they know how to do. These are grown people who still throw tantrums when there is no milk in the house for them to eat the dry cereal. They will never grow up. I just want to let them know that they are squatters on Chatoyer land. The ones in the USA still don’t know that they have been sentenced to hard time and may never return home to SVG except on a short leave. Kindly take your request to PM Gonsalves in person, prepare yourself and lets see what he does. All others are just empty barrels.

  21. Sorry madam, he likes the rhetoric but cannot follow his mouth with financial deeds. So tell all those poor starving people we can give them plenty of words, but no real hope.

  22. Just had a brilliant idea.

    Why not build a womans hostel in the garden of Ralph’s official house? We could house a few hundred there, that would keep him busy and something for him to patrol at 4am in the mornings.

    Don’t you all think that is just brilliant?

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