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The Cane End Government School is the venue for the Lions Club St. Vincent South annual Christmas Concert and party from 2 p.m. tomorrow — Saturday.

The entire school population of 165 children will be treated to gifts, eats and other special treats.

Artis Davis, coordinator of the Christmas party, says, “The annual event is held at a different school each year in an effort to bring the spirit of Christmas to the students and community. Santa clause will be driven through the Mesopotamia community on route to the party where he is expected to distribute a gift to every child at the school.”

He explained that the club is able to do this event yearly with assistance received from business houses and club members.”

The Christmas Concert will feature performances from the pupils at the school, the Lions Choir and special guest performances by the Bowmans brothers.

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House-to-house carolling

Meanwhile, the Lions Club St. Vincent South will commence a series of house-to-house carolling in an effort to raise funds for the blind musicians and to bring Christmas cheer to homes and communities throughout mainland St. Vincent.

The Lions Carollers will serenade nightly Dec. 16 — 20. Members of the Lions Club St. Vincent South will be accompanied nightly by the Leos of the St. Vincent South and the three blind and talented musicians, Elvis Wynne, Tally Browne, and Maxine Nanton of the group Fine Times.

Project Coordinator, Lennox Bowman says, ‘The annual house-to-house carolling demonstrates not only members commitment to serve but also shows the Club’s involvement in the community at various levels, culturally and socially.

“Our Lions take seriously the theme that Lions are stewards of the blind so each year we set aside the time, effort and creativity to put together a wonderful package on their behalf. Additionally, not only does it achieve the objective of raising funds but it’s a source of entertainment not only for our club, but also brings joy and the spirit of the season to the homes we visit.”