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The Government has decided to extend the duty free barrels programme up to and including Jan. 15th, 2014, the Office of the Prime Minister has announced.

Communication Consultant in the Office of the Prime Minister, Elson Crick, said this is being done two main reasons

  1. To aid in the current relief effort in the country, following the heavy rainfall on Dec. 24th 2013.
  2. To facilitate the late arrival of barrels from some countries.

Nine persons died and four are missing after the heavy rains, which also rendered appliances in many houses useless because of flooding. Some person’s appliances were also washed away by heavy rain.


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4 replies on “Gov’t extends duty free barrels programme”

  1. Extending the barrel duty concession until the 15th of January is like not extending it at all, because no one can get barrels shipped in that time.

    It should be the 15th of March. We must stamp out this smoke and mirrors crap.

  2. Mr Crick says “Some person’s appliances were also washed away by heavy rain”.

    Put them in the barrel and you will pay duty on them. Tell the people that they will not pay duty on appliances and electronics until the 15th of March. Stop the smoke and mirrors deception.

  3. I have to agree with Peter on this issue, if i send a barrel now it wont get there till end of January at earliest, people need more time to get things together, plus the transit time.

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