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Regional airline, LIAT, says it has received a penalty from the Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority (ECCAA) in connection with an incident that occurred on Nov. 2, 2013 but remained tightlipped about the nature of the incident and the penalty.

Notice of the penalty came on Wednesday, the airline said but did not say what was the nature of the penalty or the incident that led to it.

“LIAT’s management is reviewing these findings with its advisors and will engage ECCAA in discussion,” the airline however said in a press release.

“LIAT is committed to a fair resolution of the matter based on full and frank disclosure by all parties.

“The safety and security of our passengers remains LIAT’s top priority and LIAT continues to operate in full and strict compliance with the Civil Aviation Regulations and its operating procedures and manuals.

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“These matters remain under review by LIAT and discussion with ECCAA. It would therefore be inappropriate to make further public comment at this time,” the airline said.

One reply on “LIAT receives penalty from aviation authority”

  1. Here we have a company partially owned by the people of SVG, our tax payers have put between 10 & 12 million US dollars into the company every year for yonks. They now tell us they have been fined and the reason is a secret, yet they will be unable to pay any fine, once again SVG and other island states will pay the bill, and its a secret.

    For Gods sake get real, stop all this crap, please don’t be advised by some of our Marxist leaders to yet again mislead the public. We deserve better.

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