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At a press conference on Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2014, MP for Central Kingstown, St. Clair Leacock, gives his opinion on what the headlines should have been after the abrupt end to the Budget Debate the previous day.


One reply on “VIDEO: Opposition MP criticizes media coverage of abrupt end of Budget Debate”

  1. I have to agree Kenton, you all dropped the ball on that one, yourself included. People in Vincy brush things off that most countries would take very serious. It’s not a coincident that countries where tyranny take a foot hold you also find a media that is lacking.

    The Issue is the representative on the government’s side didn’t stand up to have any kind of debate, they didn’t support the leader of the Government, and that has never happened before in SVG.

    The Government didn’t want to debate the budget, that’s the headline, I am very disappointed in the way this way broadcasted and it sickens the stomach to hear grown men and women defending these things. There needs to be something to debate, and since the government didn’t put anything to debate about, there can be no debate, it’s as simple as that. The governor General should be asking some members of the house serious questions. That’s why SVG is in the toilet right now, when people just sit down and accept these kinds of nonsense everyday.

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