Casran Hackshaw, a fourth form student of the North Union Secondary School was left homeless after the trough system on Christmas Eve washed away his home. Hackshaw lived with his mother, Leotha Hackshaw at “Parsha”, in South Rivers.

The principal, staff, students and parents responded overwhelmingly to the student’s cry for help. An activity dubbed “Canfest” was organized by the school and held on Jan. 21 at the school’s auditorium. Each student was asked to give at least one can of food or an item of stationery or toiletry in exchange for an impromptu entertainment package comprising songs and dances.

Several boxes of food items, toiletries and stationery were collected at this function.

Hackshaw, through the school, will also receive US$1,000 towards from Paisley Boney and Family of Atlanta, Georgia

Boney and his family were guests at the Sunrise Villa in Mustique when they learnt about the disaster. They wanted to make a direct contribution to a student. Andrew Latchman, manager/butler, Sunrise Villa Mustique was instrumental in securing this donation for the school.

Odika Greene, Calees Williams and Caleesia Williams, who are also student of the school, also suffered minor loss during the disaster. A sum of $445 collected from the principal, staff and students will be shared among the students, to replace books and shoes that were destroyed.

A handing over ceremony is planned for tomorrow, Tuesday, at 10:30 a.m. at the school.