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Regional airline LIAT says that one of its aircraft is being examined after developing a steering problem while taxiing in Antigua.

LIAT, in a brief statement on Monday, said that flight LI 775 en route from Antigua to Trinidad via St. Lucia developed a steering defect while taxiing at the V.C. Bird International Airport shortly before 11 a.m. Monday.

”The aircraft was moved to the ramp where it’s being examined by the company’s maintenance staff and will undergo the necessary repairs before being returned to service,” the airline said, adding that passengers are being accommodated on other LIAT services.


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4 replies on “LIAT plane develops steering problem”

  1. Thank God it wasn’t landing or taking off. Which aircraft was it? a Dash or ATR?

    Whichever, its another nail in the coffin.

    Was this the same aircraft that caused the pilots to strike because of safety reasons?

    Can anyone find the aircarft id # please?

    1. Patrick Ferrari says:

      Peter, by your own rule, if dem doan say, is a ATR. Is a ATR. I hear it on the news last evening.

      You tink Brunton stupid, eh?

  2. PATRICK, One thing I would like to know is, did Gonsalves have any input in the choice of aircraft, and the buying of the ATR’s. Remember Gonsalves said he went to Brazil to check out their aircraft suitability, before the ATR’s were decided on. So he put himself forward as the expert on making aircraft choice.

    Yes Ian Brunton did the deal, but did he have the full backing of our very own expert, Dr Ralph E. Gonsalves.

    I am sure that these aircraft will be the final blow for LIAT, because they will rarely be able to land and take off at Argyle, the wind conditions will rarely be suitable for this aircraft.

    I understand that among others, SVG have signed as guarantors for these aircraft, so if LIAT can’t pay, they will come after SVG, and thats hundreds of millions.

  3. Its not just the aircraft that has steering problems.

    We have experienced steering problems with the people who made the decision to buy the ATR in the first place.

    They have certainly steered LIAT in the wrong direction and have most probably sealed the future of LIAT to the scrap heap.

    I just hope that Gonsalves as chairman of the shareholders never took a major part in that decision.

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