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Is the Ministry of Tourism serious about the preparation of its projections?

Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace repeatedly asked that question during the Budget debate last week.

Eustace noted that the Ministry’s website is important to getting St. Vincent and the Grenadines recognized as a destination.

But the Ministry has projected that the website will receive 250,000 hits in 2013, but only got 74,000.

“That is 29 per cent. And I am raising this because in your own accountabilities, you stress the importance of gathering information,” Eustace said.

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However, while the Ministry had projected that it will get 2,000 information requests, it got 64,000

“Thirty plus times what you projected! That’s serious? Who is to take that seriously? Something is wrong, severely wrong, with our ability to project. And you have some of that even on the [visitor] arrivals,” Eustace said.

He, however, pointed out that while the website received 74,000 hits instead of projected 250,000, the projection for this year remains at 250,000.

“What are you doing? What message are you sending to this Parliament?” he said.

But Eustace also said that while the 64,000 information requests is “very good”, the Ministry said that this year it is expecting 2,000.

“You expect 2,000? You will have to drop from 64,000 to 2,000. Are you serious?” he said.

“The specific indicators and accountabilities included in the Estimates are important. They are vital to our performance, whatever sector we are dealing with. How can I take that seriously?” he told lawmakers.

Eustace said that the country has reasonably good performance in the Tourism Authority and the Tourism Ministry.

“But what I see here gives me no confidence, especially at a time when we are having difficulty with our growth performance. Are we taking this matter seriously at all?” he said.

3 replies on “Opposition Leader questions seriousness of Tourism Ministry’s projections”

  1. You can see how serious they are by the amount the government are actually investing, not what they purport in their estimates and projections, its all a fraud on the people.

    They have installed what they call tourist centres, places to visit, every one of which are in a state of decay, no maintenance or proper management. [with the exception of the Gardens, but haven’t been there lately so just do not know]

    There whole organisation framework is based on rubbish and false statements, they are under-funded both with money and intelligent, knowledgeable, and people with the proper experience.

    I think one of the ministries biggest losses was the loss of Annesia Baptise, remember the lady that was laden with spite, malice, hate and religious persecution by our ruling Marxist regime.

  2. Arnhim don’t argue with the figure, it may be accurate. Once people start looking at what happened in ST. Lucia, Barbados, T&T and Jamaica, those figures might just be right on. Keep in mind there’s not a lot of emphasis on the Grenadines and that’s where the mass search for information would accumulate. Rumours have it the other islands use the Grenadines in the tourist packages, while SVG pay very little attention to this golden goose.
    The Bequia regatta can give them the 250k if it’s well advertised and more events are added. Not even Vincentians attend to see sailing boats (if they can follow the route) from ashore, compete. Surfers from Australia to Germany will come to compete in other forms of water sports, if there are any. There is not even a row boat competition and that’s terrible. The planners can start with 2 to 3 days of competitions, and then increase it to a week. The only problem is there won’t be enough hotel rooms to accommodate .05% of 250k even if you average the amount over 12 months. This also shines some light on the opening of the airport this year. Think about it: One 747 with 250 passengers and no place to put them.

  3. Tourism is very poor. No any facility for visitor and vendor at any beach. No any kind of shades. Shades are really helpful for those who go with kids. No any facility of urinal. No available coffee shop or bar at beach. Only costlier restaurants are there. No government running bar or restaurant. No playing zone for children. At dark view fall entrance road is very poor quality. At salt pond also no development at near the sea. Only at upstair there is garden. But they charge for sitting on the bench. If someone want to visit cruise he has to travel to other st. lucia or barbodoes.

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