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The Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI) says it is pleased that the Cayman Islands is now a member of the CARDI family.

“This is an exciting time for the agriculture sector here in the Cayman Islands. Becoming a member of the CARDI family will certainly enhance our ability to grow our agri-tourism business and will go a long way to assist our farming community, enabling them to produce better quality products for our ever growing market,” Minister of Agriculture in the Cayman Island, D. Kurt Tibbetts said.

Tibbetts said viewed from a more holistic perspective, the agricultural sector is very important, contributing significantly to food and nutrition security, culinary tourism,; and cultural preservation.

“Accordingly, agriculture needs to continue to be nurtured, supported and further developed to its full potential building on these key areas of contribution.”

He said that the fact that government has resuscitated efforts to join CARDI also speaks volumes.

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“This government recognizes that the Department of Agriculture needs additional support to further develop the agricultural sector in these islands. In these times when budgetary constraints are the norm, Government views this as an opportunity of obtaining such support, through partnership with a regional organization of excellence,” he said.

CARDI, which was established in 1975, aims to contribute to agricultural development by conducting research and by exposing farmers and other persons involved in agriculture to appropriate technologies.

CARDI’s Membership comprises all members of the Caribbean Community Common Market as well the Associate Members of CARICOM.

The Institute has its headquarters in Trinidad and Tobago with branches/units in all CARICOM Member States.