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4 replies on “VIDEO: Gonsalves says Labour will tame ‘intire’ donkey”

  1. I have never seen him behave more like Hitler at a Blackshirt ralley than this.

    I will say nothing of the people, because “Lord they know not what they do”.

  2. St.Vincent and the Grenadines is heading over the economic and social cliff under Ralph Gonsalves’ leadership; more than half of his own supporters are feeling the strain, can’t make ends meet on a daily basis; just look at the number of vagrants on the streets of Kingstown. The SVG ship is sinking but Gonsalves still wants to steer the ship. That has to be a mad man who is intoxicated with power. Belle Isle Prison for you Ralphie boy!

  3. He is the Donkey, and his son is the Mule, together they are dos burro’s.

    “intire” “entire” further proof of donkey ignorance.

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