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Jeremiah Howard.
Jeremiah Howard.

The LIAT Workers Union of St. Vincent and the Grenadines has elected a new executive to represent the local workers of the regional airline.

At a general meeting in January, Jeremiah Howard was elected president of the Union, succeeding Wendell Lewis, another former employees of the airline.

The other members of the executive are Vice-President, Taireen Warren; Secretary, Tesha Delpeche; Assistant Secretary, Antoinette Browne; Treasurer, Petaro Cadougan; Assistant Treasurer, Jeneille Jack, Public Relations Officer, Shavar Maloney and Natoya Edwards, O’Carrol Baynes, Osbert Richards, Irwin Andrews and Kerwin Harry serving as committee members.

The new president, in accepting the position, said his experience in the airline industry as well as in the business sector has better equipped him to recognize the challenges facing LIAT in several areas. He said that the challenges facing the regional airline, though complex, could be overcome as long as all parties involved were willing to work together to analyze these issues and implement the necessary corrective measures.

In expressing his congratulations to the other elected members, Howard stated that he was looking forward to working with such an energetic team, and was confident that the local staff had the capacity to provide exceptional service to the travelling public once given the required support.

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One reply on “New executive heads LIAT Workers union in SVG”

  1. His T shirt is neither yellow or red, I hope that is a good oman of what to expect.

    We need people who are not influenced by ultra left wing scum.

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