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Greetings to you all in the holy name of our redeemer and saviour, Jesus Christ the righteous son of Yahweh: the one true, perfect, Creator and God.

I hope that this open appeal meets each member of the Augustus family in good health and that the family takes this appeal in the spirit in which it was written: a spirit of loving intervention. I have been reliable informed and as was expected, the scandal that is surrounding Edson Augustus has been taking its toll on the members of the Augustus family, and that too has affected some members of the family, to the point where, they saw it fit to confront others who have addressed Edson’s matter in public forums.

Although I believe that a child is a product of their parents and the child’s behaviour is a reflection of the home wherein they were raise, there are some instances, when a child will make the decision too and rebel against the teaching of their parents, the dictates of their own consciences and the will of the almighty God and consistently act outside of the realms of good judgment and common sense.

I know Edison Augustus fairly well and I know many members of the Augustus clan, including his parents. I must say that I always admire the dignified manner in which this beautiful woman (Mrs. Augustus) conducts herself, and the drive, spiritual zeal and courage of Mr. Augustus as it relates to evangelism and the spreading of the love of Jesus Christ as taught by the Seventh-Day Adventist denomination, of which I am a member.

Unfortunately, Edson, as an adult, has been consistently making a series of bad decision and against amply warning and spiritual rebuke, which including your own, he continue to walk a path of immoral, unethical and lately criminal behaviour that has brought shame to you and your family. In my better judgment I will dear to say that you all have nothing to be ashamed of. But there is lots to be sorry for, for example: you may be sorry that your son, brother, or close relatives Edson did not consistently continue in the way of Yahweh God; you may be sorry that he betrayed his spiritual calling and you may be sorry that he betrayed your teachings but you have nothing to be ashamed of.

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I remember, not too long ago, when I resigned (giving the Bermuda Police Service three months notice) from the Bermuda Police Service (BPS), after the Vincentian Commissioner of Police of the BPS, George Jackson, a card-carrying member of the Unity Labour Party, [reportedly] acting under the instruction of the Ralph Gonsalves government, suspended me from active duty, and spread a bunch of lies that claimed that I was fired for reasons that were not true. As a result of the lies that were circulating, I had a talk with my sibling, my children and some of my friends who had to deal with the nasty things that were being levied against my character in private and public conversations as well as that which was propagated in the media. Fortunately for me, I was just a victim of a political plot to destroy my character, silence my pen and my voice as it relates to politics and social issues in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

My daughters Allana and Jemisha expressed to me the level of shame and embarrassment they were feeling as it relates to what was being said about me. As a result, I truthfully and honestly put things into prospective for them. My talk did not take away the mental anguish they felt because of the relationship they had with me, but it lessened the impact and it helped them to efficiently deal with the matter they were forced to confront daily.

I am also mindful that because of my attitude, behaviour, value system, core belief, dignity, etc., a similar thing can happen to me again and my children, brothers, sisters, close friends and admirers could be sent spiralling down the same emotional path once again. But I will now assure them, that in the event I become engulfed in another public scandal, you can all be assured, I would have acted with a level of dignity (which could sometimes appear like arrogance) integrity, honesty, strength of character and boldness that I am known for; never will it be, an act of dishonesty or any oppressive actions against anyone or group that I perceived to be weaker than I am.

It is important that the Augustus clan take some time and have a meeting, where they will honestly and openly discuss the matter that is before them, a matter that Edison’s confessed (According to PM Ralph E. Gonsalves Edison admitted to doing what he was accused of.) actions have brought upon you all. It is important that you all accept the fact that people, including me, are going to have our say as it relates to the issues surrounding Edison. After all, when Edison Augustus accepted the post of Deputy Consular General, he became a public officer and figure. As we all know, the actions and personal life of all public officer/figure are open to and for public scrutiny and discussion.

I will like you all to know that I, Allan Palmer, was also a victim and suffered at the hands of Edson. However, I am in no way blaming you guys or hold you all responsible in any way for Edson’s actions. I understand, I sympathize and I empathize with your pain; be sure, this too shall pass.

In closing, I leave you folks with the words of 1 Corinthians 10: 13: “There is no situation that has come your way except that which is common to man. God is faithful and he will not allow you to go through more than you can bear. When tough times come and hard situations confront you, he will provide a way that you can endure it. “

So don’t make the pain that was caused by the selfish actions of former deputy consular general Augustus cause you all to compromise your standards or misrepresent your faith, but, most importantly, do not allow this to cause you to misrepresent your God. Be steadfast in the will of Jesus for this is a period that is designed for the strengthening of your characters, and this too will pass.

Allan H. Palmer

The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

6 replies on “An open appeal and intervention for the Augustus family”

  1. Are you for real? Allan Palmer, TIME OUT! Go and sit in the corner and SHUT UP! I’m only saying; don’t talk foolishness, no offence.

  2. Peter Binose says:

    PKNIGHT, if there is something which is untrue in what Mr Palmer wrote reveal it to us.

    Attacking the man without a reason except those only known to you or generated by you will not suffice.

  3. Good effort Allan Palmer. I congratulate your attempt to empathize. However until Mr. Agustus comes forward and apologizes to the nation and speaks the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. This incident remains chiseled in time as the worst ever embarrassment to the name of our country and to our people. His lack of an apology can be interpreted as he is not sorry, unrepentant, and downright disrespectful not only to his country, but to all Vincentians, to his family, to his church and to all his supporters and friends. Characteristics of a.self centered, arrogant and prideful man, As a pastor he not only knows better, but I’m sure he would have taught countless times on repentance and reconciliation. His lack of action speaks volumes. Come clean Mr. Agustas! The truth will set you free. I would be the first to salute you if you did.

  4. Allan, be careful, very careful with how you point fingers. When the fingers start pointing back to you, you will have to run for cover. Trod carefully Allan, please trod carefully or the skeletons in your closet will come RUNNING out and expose you.

  5. If Allan Palmer considers himself “fit” or qualified to assume this posture as adviser and teacher in order to evangelize to the Augustus family, I say, No way… SHUT UP! don’t talk nonsense. Consider.
    “A man of sure fitness without making a point of his fitness stays fit”.
    “A man of unsure fitness assuming the appearance of fitness becomes unfit”.
    “The man of sure fitness never makes an act of it and considers what it may profit him”.
    “The man of unsure fitness makes an act of it and considers what it may profit him”… Read Allan Palmer.
    “False teachers of life use flowery words and start nonsense.” Read Peter Binose, Allan Palmer, Counsellor, et al.

  6. Allan Palmer says:

    Fitz, my good friend, I do not have a closet so there for there can be no skeleton within. I honestly have nothing to hide: Nothing. I have made a habit of declaring my hands publicly. So my good fellow in order to find my hidden skeleton you must first find that closet.

    To all other who want to challenge me. Challenge my character, take it and rip it apart I guarantee you one thing when you are finish with my character it will be as in tact as it was when you all began.

    On Saturday A lady […], one of Edison Augustus’ friend in NYC who was infatuated with the fact that she try to set me up right in the church. She came next to me and intentionally drop her tithe on the floor, expecting me to steal it. She had the usher there watching as witness, I politely brought it to her attention that she have dropped her tithe. then the usher is telling me why Don’t I take it up>

    I turn to the usher and told her why should I take it up, let her clean up her own mess. If a big hard back, old dishonest lawyer will intentionally try to entrap me, then she will bend her old back between the benches and get her tithe.

    So I guess that was the skeleton you are speaking about a plan fail. You all will never be able to catch or entrap me in anything. You all will have to fabricate stuff from the beginning to the end to try and do damage to my character and even then it will not work because the truth always come out.

    I will get into trouble but it will never be for theft, swindling or any such thing. I will get into trouble for the proclamation of the truth a tool that each of you are afraid of. Peter Binose be strong.

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