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Kwesi Ryan Body

The body of Kwesi Ryan is removed from the scene in Paul’s Avenue on Monday. (IWN image)

The Deceased, Kwesi Ryan.
The deceased, kwesi ryan.

A Paul’s Lot mother says she held her hand over a gunshot wound to her son’s chest and felt the final beats of his heart as he died after being gunned down by a masked assailant on Monday.

“I can’t explain to anybody how I feel,” Brenda Ryan told I-Witness News after police removed the body of her 24-year-old son, Kwesi Ryan, from her yard in Paul’s Lot, where he was killed.

“He died in front of my eyes. I can’t explain to anybody how I feel,” said Ryan, who, like her son, were trapped against a galvanize fencing as the gunman repeatedly fired.

Ms Ryan was not injured in the attack.

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Kwesi was on EC$30,000 bail in connection with the Jan. 30 daylight robbery of an employee of an insurance company in Kingstown

Kwesi, along with Jariel “Mad Max” Belle, 26, also of Paul’s Lot, was charged with allegedly robbing Raymond Durrant of Ratho Mill of a green St. Hill Insurance Co. Ltd. bag, containing cash and cheques, the property of St. Hill Insurance Co. Ltd., and a 9mm pistol and four rounds of ammunition.

Maxim &Quot;Gurkie&Quot; Ryan, Father Of The Deceased. (Iwm Image)
Maxim “gurkie” ryan, father of the deceased. (iwm image)

Belle is in jail on remand and a preliminary inquiry is slated for June 2 and 3.

“I really can’t say if his death is connected to that…” Kwesi’s father, Maxim “Gurkie” Ryan told I-Witness News.

Mr. Ryan, however, said Kwesi had told him of the gun attack in January.

“When I heard that, I came and I talked to him. I told him to stay at home — keep from off the road. But every Monday and Friday, he has to report to the police station, because he is out on bail, … so I guess whoever wanted him dead took the opportunity…” Mr. Ryan told I-Witness News.

Station Sargeant Trevor Bailey of the Criminal Investigations Department is heading the investigation

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