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Veronica Daniel, Vincare Therapeutic Learning Centre, left, and LIME’s Nikala Williams.
Veronica Daniel, Vincare Therapeutic Learning Centre, left, and LIME’s Nikala Williams.
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Last week, LIME Senior Marketing and Corporate Communications Executive Nikala Williams handed over a quantity of reading materials and other school items to the Vincare Therapeutic Learning Centre, located at McKies Hill.

Veronica Daniel, the head teacher of the institution, said that the institution was thankful for the donation, and that it would go a long way in assisting the students with their studies.

“I want to thank LIME for the kind contribution. It is deeply appreciated and we would be making good use of the books … It would benefit them academically,” Daniel said.

“When my students saw me with the books they said to me, ‘Miss God has provided for you.’”

Daniel said that the school, which has been in existence for 14 years, provides short-term therapeutic learning for children and adults with learning disabilities, those with the inability to speak or comprehend what is said, and persons who have difficulty reading and writing.

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She added that the school has had its success, and expects further academic improvement, thanks to the LIME’s contribution.

“What I do here is to take them out of the schools because they are not learning. So I take them and bring them here and help them academically then they go back to see if they can sit the Common Entrance.

“Some of them sat and have passed to go to high school or the multipurpose centre. Some of them have gone overseas to study.

“They came to the programme and couldn’t spell words such as ‘cat’ and ‘rat’ now they are spelling words such ‘pneumonia’, ‘physiologist’, and now challenging their parents and siblings and other children out there.”

Daniel said God has blessed her with the knowledge and patience to help the children, and wishes God’s blessing on LIME for its gesture towards the centre.

Meanwhile, Williams said, “We applaud and encourage the life changing work that is being done at Vincare. It is refreshing to know that parents do not have to give up on their kids or feel helpless; they can get the assistance needed for them right here in St. Vincent. This is indeed noteworthy.”