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The Girl Guides Association of St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) will today, Wednesday, welcome Girl Guides from various territories in the Caribbean Link of Guiding and South America for a centenary camp to celebrate 100 years of guiding in SVG.

The camp is under the theme “Ever Alive, Celebrate and Thrive”. The Association will welcome 180)participants to Black Point for Youremei Splash 100.

International Commissioner, Beverly Reddock highlighted that Georgetown is the home of guiding in SVG and expressed that it is most fitting to have the camp at Black Point, a few metres from where Guiding started at the Methodist Church in Georgetown in 1914.

Additionally, Reddock highlighted that the initials of Black Point, “B.P”, are significant, bring the same as those of the foudner of Guiding, Baden Powell, and the motto, “Be Prepared”.

Camp Commandants, Latoya John and Shanda Boyea indicated that the preparatory work has been done and the girls will have a wonderful time.

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The campers will be grouped in six (sub-camps: Garifuna, Memoirs of Hairouna, Jewels of the Caribbean, Pristine Waterfalls, Vincy Mas and G.E.M.S.

Réne Baptiste, president of the SVG Girl Guides, indicated that she is pleased that the girls would have the opportunity to complete 13 badges while on camp, given the diversity of activities.

Importantly, the completion of badge work helps to give Girl Guides the feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment.

Chief Commissioner of the Girl Guides Association of SVG, Réchanne Browne-Matthias has invited past or present Bim Bims, Brownie Guides, Girl Guides, Ranger Guides, Guiders to join in the Happy Birthday Campfire at the Girl Guides Headquarters from 7 p.m. on Thursday, April 17, where greetings will be brought by Government officials and the Girl Guides and volunteers from different countries in a celebratory atmosphere.