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St. Vincent and the Grenadines has recorded another suspected hit-and-run death, the third so far this year.

Initial investigations suggest that Kenrick Baptiste, who was found dead in Rabacca Saturday morning, died after being struck by a vehicle, police have said.

A more definite conclusion is expected after an autopsy this week.

Police are also investigating the death of former calypsonian, 53-year-old Kenville “Banco” Ellis, whose body was found in Chilli, Georgetown on April 7.

Commissioner of Police Michael Charles said on radio last week that the evidence shows that a vehicle ran over Ellis.

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Meanwhile, a post mortem has concluded Rudolph Hector, 52, died after being struck by a vehicle.

Hector’s body was found along the roadside in Brighton on Jan. 6.

2 replies on “SVG records another suspected hit-and-run death”

  1. wait wait wait. Really and truly something is not right, people are losing there lives in SVG from all angle Cutlass, Knife, Guns, Hit and run, what is this?? I didn’t believe when people say that we have a spirit of sacrifice that is taking our people but I believe something else is going on. Is this what happens when the church fall from the hill? did God turn his back on us?

    Without a doubt crime has to be the worst i have ever seen in SVG and it’s scary, Hit and Run is a crime. SVG need some serious moaning, the baptist church need to go in some serious fasting and moaning for SVG. Too many lives are being lost.

  2. No, he hasn’t turned his back on us. You have no idea the amount of things he has saved us from. The choices we are making is what’s upon us. He is always there.

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