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The deceased, Lenmore Grant.
The deceased, Lenmore Grant.

A Mayreau man died Sunday night after being chopped about the body in the southern Grenadine island.

Police say a young man is in custody assisting them with their investigation in to the death of 25-year-old Lenmore Grant.

I-Witness News understands that a person close to Grant inflicted the wounds, reportedly during an argument.

2 replies on “Mayreau man dies after being chopped about the body”

  1. peterbinose says:

    Its really long overdue in enforcing laws regarding people openly carrying unsheathed cutlass.

    It should be made law that every cutlass will be carried in a leather sheath, wrapping in two sheets of flimsy newspaper is just not good enough.

    When carried as an open weapon, it is an offensive weapon that should carry similar penalties as carrying an illegal firearm.

    Person found walking with unsheathed cutlass when not actually working with it should have the weapon confiscated.

    I may well be time to issue a simple licence that can be taken away for misdemeanours’ by the cutlass owner, therefore making it illegal for them to carry or use a cutlass.

    There are far to many people walking about with cutlass and threatening folk with them, it has to stop, there are a number of laws already in place which the police fail to enforce.

    Once more many of these chopping ’s could be eliminated if the police only did their jobs properly.

  2. I share some of the same concerns and sentiments expressed above. I see people carrying cutlasses – openly – to buy bread at the bakery. It is time to ban this practice of carrying a cutlass in the open. It has become a weapon of choice for many criminals.
    This is one time and issue in which the NDP and the government should team up to protect innocent victims. The NDP should raise the issue and push for changes, even if the government does nothing. It can be a campaign issue that helps to changes things in the society.

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