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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves.  (IWN file photo)
Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves. (IWN file photo)
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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves underwent a surgical procedure during his recent two-week visit to Europe, just weeks after doctors ordered him to rest because of a twisted and infected ankle.

Gonsalves, 67, made the announcement during a press conference this week, saying the procedure was to treat “a niggling pain” in an area where he had a surgical procedure in Barbados for an abscess two years ago.

“You may recall two years ago that on my way to the Middle East I developed a problem and had to seek medical attention in Barbados. And I had a small surgical procedure done.

“Well, I felt a few weeks ago a niggling pain where the procedure was done and I went to the person who did it in Barbados and he reviewed it and said to me that he understands what has happened and he’d have to do another minor procedure at the same place.”

Gonsalves said the health care professional told him that the produce was not urgent and could be done “in whatever reasonable time.

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“And when I went to England, I felt the niggling sensation and I went to an appropriate specialist, who diagnosed and said basically what the doctor in Barbados — who is a good man — had said.

“And he said, ‘Would you like me to do the procedure while you are here in England?’ And I said, ‘Of course.’

“He asked me to come in on a Saturday around midday, he’ll do it and I spend the night in the hospital and come out the next morning, which is what I did.

“But I am fine, but I just want to report that particular issue,” Gonsalves said.

Before leaving for England, Gonsalves said that he would meet with investors and attend to a “personal matter”.

In April, Gonsalves sought to assure Vincentians that he is in good health, having returned to work after doctors ordered him to rest for a week because of an ankle injury.

He said he had slipped and twisted him ankle in his bathroom and that a small cut to the sole of his feet had gotten infected.

In May 2012, after his hospitalisation in Barbados, Gonsalves denied that he had suffered a heart attack and further said that he did not have prostate problems.

8 replies on “PM Gonsalves underwent surgical procedure in England”

  1. Go down to milton cato comrade. if the issue is so minor I am sure that milton cato hospital could handle it. It must be nice to not have to go to our hospitcal eh? Donkey say the world no level.

  2. Marva Sealey says:


    Why did the PM not wait until he go back to St Vincent and do his operation, so that foreign money he paid in England could of stayed in the economy at home, because operations at private hospitals in England is not cheap.

  3. Peter Binose says:

    I am sorry to have to say this, you all know my opinions about statements by Gonsalves. He is after all a self confessed liar. After looking at and considering what he has said about his foot over the last few weeks I have come to the personel conclusion and opinion that even the current matter of his foot problem contains an untrue content or element, a lie or series of lies.

  4. Urlan Alexander says:

    The NDP back in 2000 had already finalised plan for a National Health Insurance Plan. The ULP never implemented it simply because it was an NDP idea. Member of Parliament Daniel Cumming ask the state to pay for a special chair to protect his damaged back when he sits in the House of Parliament and it was refused. All this occurred at the same time the PM admitted in his “Dutty Dawg” rants all who he has used state funds to assist with medical expenses. A few weeks ago as if by a complete turn around he wants to use money from the treasury to assist parliamentarians to meet medical expenses. Many guessed that is he who need the money to pay for health care, which seems to be mounting with each passing day. Had the Gonsalves administration do what is necessary the problem of high health could have adjusts to all of us benefit to the extent that even politicians could heve been easy beneficiariess

  5. Teacherfang says:

    How many of us can go into a doctor’s office and when asked about doing a procedure can nonchalantly say, “of course”….the cost factor never entered into the deliberations…I got 99 health problems but dollars ain’t one….is what Gonsalves is saying to the doctor….ahhh the perks of having power….

    Stay healthy Mr Prime Minister. I want you to experience the agony of defeat at the next election.

    By the way, lets not be so hard on Gonsalves in this instance;when it comes to your health and you can afford it, get the best services available. This is not about buying a piece of clothing or furniture, I can’t begrudge Gonsalves for taking full advantage of the best medical help that is available to him. I would have done the same damn thing.

  6. Peter Binose says:

    Gonsalves with his foot problem is owing to a botched correction procedure that he had on one of his feet in Cuba. April 14, 2007 PM Gonsalves was involved in a car crash on SVG. He had damage to his mouth and teeth and was flown to Cuba for treatment. Whilst there he said he had corrective surgery on his left foot for a defect he had since childhood. Since coming home he has complained of a foot problem on several occasions. Being a botch by the Cubans he is embarrassed to admit the dreadful job they did on his foot. So from time to time he makes up new stories to cover the foot whenever he has a re-occurring problem. Among the problems claimed, he has twice slipped in bathroom and supposedly sprained his ankle, what! Had a problem and went for treatment in Barbados, what! took a nurse with him on an overseas trip to dress the wound on his foot, what! walks on and off with a walking stick, what! goes to Barbados complaining again of foot problem, what! Staying well away from Cuba he goes on to London for treatment, what!

    Doesn’t this sound like some weird board game based on Monopoly. Whereby instead of streets and buildings, countries, foot injuries and causes are used.

    You may ask how many feet in a yard, currently in the case of Gonsalve two. But the way it’s going it may well end up with only one foot in the yard.

    I believe that for this condition to keep coming back, it may well be malignant, the mind is, so why not the foot.

    He dare not go back to Cuba, they killed his buddy Chavez, by cooking him with radiation treatment. Each time Chavez went to Cuba, the people in Havana chanted in the bars and streets “freir esta noche”.

  7. Why should he when he can have his hospital bills paid by the legislation he wanted to introduce, to have the government pay the medical bill for politicians. Meanwhile he rejected the same plan for all SVG nationals some years earlier. The basic coverage would have benefitted ULP and NDP supporters. The opposition should remind voters of this issue and keep it on the front burner until the elections.

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