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Th gov’t is currently building houses for disaster victims. (Photo: Lance Neverson/Facebook)

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The old homes of victims of the Christmas Eve floods who receive new houses from the government will be demolished after they relocate.

Minister of Housing Montgomery Daniel said on Friday that this is the policy of the government.

“… I want to say to you, when you … have occupied your new building, it is the policy of the government to breakdown that property that is being threatened so that we will not have other persons occupying that property,” he explained in Langley Park where keys to seven houses were handed over to disaster victims.

“I know that one or two of the recipients want to hold on to their old homes. But you cannot have your cake and eat it. So, rest assured, after you … have occupied your new home, in the not so distant future, your old property will be demolished and you will not have that old building any more,” he said.

The news houses were built free of charge to persons who had to be relocated as a result of the trough system on Christmas Eve that triggered landslides and flooding and claimed nine lives, while three persons are missing.

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Daniel said the areas where some of the persons live are unsafe, and that in some instances, the soil continues to break.

“It is not even safe even when the weather is dry, much less to when there is further rain in the country. And so, we will have to remove you from there,” he said.