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Othneil Delplesche
Othneil Delplesche, right, and his son, Eto.

The bodies of Othneil Delplesche and his son, Eto, who encountered difficulties while bathing at San Souci Beach on Saturday washed ashore in North Union on Monday, Commissioner of Police Michael Charles has confirmed to I-Witness News.

Delplesche, whose age was given as 39, and his son, both of Greiggs, were reportedly at the beach when the boy and two others got into difficulties in the water.

Delplesche and another young man from San Souci is said to have gone to their assistance. They rescued two of the three youngsters but Delplesche and his son disappeared in the water.

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves commented on the deaths during the annual Fisherman’s Day celebrations in Calliaqua on Monday.

“I want first of all to recognize that there was a tragedy at sea over the weekend and two members of the Delpleshce family. Father and son, drowned at San Souci; despite efforts of the Coastguard, and there were other, father and son died,” Gonsalves said at the beginning of his speech.

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“In our celebrations, we remember them and we remember the difficulties and challenges of the sea.

“The Delpleshce family is a very hardworking family and I want to extend to the family of the deceased and the community of Greigss my own sympathy and that of the government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines,” he said.