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A 16-year-old youngster of Troumaca is expected to appear before the Family Court this week to answer charges relating to the alleged sexual assault of a 7-year-old boy.

A law enforcement source told I-Witness News that the teenager is to be charged with buggery and gross indecency.

It is alleged that the teenager buggered the 7-year-old boy, who is also a resident of Troumaca, sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning.

The alleged crime is said to have been discovered when the child was seen walking with “a severe limp and rubbing his bottom”.

The child is said to have also had diarrhoea and was vomiting as well as passing blood.

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His mother is said to have inquired about what happen and the child told her of the alleged sexual assault.

9 replies on “16-year-old accused of buggering 7-year-old boy”

  1. I understand that age of consent in SVG is 14 years old. Well if that is the case, I sentence this guy to the lock down forever, hard labour with hard core, seasoned prisoners. Monkey know which tree to climb; was that my child, I’ll get him myself because, I am sure, the court is going to protect this demon. Question now, where were the parents that this 7 year old have to be out of their view that long to be molested that bad – a 7 year old should be supervised at all times?

    1. the parents were at work n the nasty boyy was the one chosen to look after the 3 year old until they return n that boy should be put to death

  2. And after all dat the mom have the nerves to be cussing the 7 years old mom…we really need to emlighten our boys about men touching them wrongfully

  3. dawn roberts says:

    Castrate him!!!! . makes my blood boil. This child will be scarred mentally for life, just for him to get his kicks. I would personally like to castrate him with a very blunt instrument without any pain relief

  4. Lets not forget the 16 year old is a child also and needs serious help. He might have suffered that same experience.

  5. Teacherfang says:

    “Castrate him”; “boy should be put to death”….”beat the daylight out of him”….interesting comments…where is Anesia Baptiste with her insightful and reasonable perspective on this issue.

    Now, this is most unfortunate and its my hope that the legal system deal with this young man in a manner that could result in some meaningful rehabilitation. I say, if found guilty in a court of law, this young man should be put into juvenile detention for at least 2 years. It make no sense to get all bent out of shape in punishing this kid…yes a 16 year old is still a kid! He clearly needs some serious counseling and so too, the 3 year old or 7 year old idk. I suspect with proper counseling and parenting,there is still time for both kids to recover from this incident, to lead a productive and normal life.

    And no Ms Baptiste, our liberties are not under threat by the gay agenda, I suspect if this was a young girl, this 16 year old would have done the same thing. He is simply an opportunistic, misguided teenager I am just saying.

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